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    I did know a Justin Case. Not bad, just funny.

    I think a lot of these are cultural / linguistic breakdowns. It's fine there, not so much here. Jail seems like it might be one, I can't put my finger on how. And if you troll the SS# lists, there are a lot of names, they seem Indian to me but I can't be sure, that contain the letter sequence sh*t as one poster mentioned. Ashita, Ashitra, and the like. Also, maybe again from the same language background, Assa, Assia, etc.

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    Miette means "crumb", it's not really cruel (just stupid imo) but a lot of people think youre basically naming your child after trash or dirt. A friend of mine met a little girl named this and didnt believe it because to her the little girl basically said "Hi, Im a crumb" lol and she thought it was a joke until her mom explained that it wasnt a nickname. IMO it makes a cute nickname!

    I used to work at a foster care agency and good lord the names I came across were things like "Chandelier" or "Dawntay" crazy mispellings...
    Josephine Athénaïs - Josephine Ivy - Myriam Athénaïs - Vivienne Josephine
    Athena Beatrice - Beatrice Cecile - Eleanor Anne-Sophie -Myriam Beatrice - Meredith Elizabeth
    Ambrose Aristide - Ulysses Aristide

    Girls: Bérangère, Bérénice, Honorine, Mazarine Boys: Augustin, Emeric, Hugo, Lambert, Lucien, Maxence, Yves

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    My son's preschool teacher's name is... wait for it... Anita Dick. This is really, honestly, truly her name. I would guess that she's in her early 60s. The preschoolers don't care, as they don't get it.

    An unexpected problem with the tech age - all the other teachers' emails are first initial and last name. Mrs. Dick's, however, is anitad@ because if she followed the other format, her emails would go into everyone's spam folders! Alas, how I wish this were an urban legend, but it isn't. I talk to Mrs. Dick reguarly (and she's a lovely human being and fine teacher, by the way).

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    One of my ancestors -- the youngest of 14 -- was named Ohel.[/QUOTE]

    Oh my goodness! The poor child!

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    My Dad's name is Hiawatha. He changed it once he go into college though. Thank Goodness.

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