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    Quote Originally Posted by clover View Post
    And I think I'm speaking from experience. My son's middle name is Danger, and this was mentioned as a cruel name on the first page of this discussion. I wasn't offended in the least. My husband had returned from a long deployment to Iraq just before our son was conceived, and I was so happy to have him home safe and sound that I suggested he choose the middle name. "Danger" was the result. I knew people would either love it or hate it, and I'm fine with that.
    I really truly deeply hope your son grows up and picks up a girl at a bar with, "Well, you know...Danger is my middle name. Winkwink." Because that's awesome.

    And I work in a property mgmt company and when we've sent out the rent bills we've sent to Fashionette and to a Nana (last name Christmas. Ha, awesome.)

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    I had a high-school drama class with a Holly Green; my brother had a classmate named Melody Musick. (I also knew a lawyer whose name is Susan Melody Musik!) And then there was probably the strangest I ever came into actual contact with. When I bought my first car, my dad came with me to co-sign the loan, and our salesman's name was Grey Hare. I figured instantly, "he must have been teased to death in school"...and having been through the same thing myself, I refrained from saying anything. Not so my father, who asked about the name and got a great story, which (sad to say) I've long since forgotten, as this was the late 80s.

    But as unusual as these are, they have nothing on the cruelest name I ever heard. I can't even remember it now, only the last part of it -- it ended in S***. I was working at a major insurance company at the time and someone got a letter from this person. The name circulated all through the building and everyone was aghast. It was so cruel, maybe that's why I forgot the full name!

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    Genedal Dix. Yes, you read that right. Ge-ne-dal Dix.

    I had to call this women over the phone (for my job at the time) and didn't know what to say! I ended up asking for a Ms. Dix. Turns out she goes by Jenny. But her legal name is still Genedal Dix. *Shudders*

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    Poopy (no kidding!)

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    I read a blog where the family named their baby Glow... no kidding. Her older sisters names were True, Brave and Soul. True is kinda cute Brave isn't great but I can't get behind names like Soul and Glow.

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