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Thread: Chance/quiz BNG

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    Jun 2013
    14 year old
    -- Eliza Juliet

    11 year old
    -- Tobias Jude

    9 year old
    -- Ivy Matisse

    6 year old
    -- Graham Nathaniel & Miles Jasper

    2 year old
    -- (still in high school!)

    -- Inigo Yves & Valentina Marisol
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    14 year old
    -- If you have grey or another color eyes, you have twin boys.
    Names: Sullivan Chase and Gray Cyrus

    11 year old
    -- If you have blonde hair, you have a girl.
    Name: Hazel Charlotte

    9 year old
    -- If you are under eighteen, you have a girl.
    Name: Ivy Juliet

    6 year old
    -- If you are in a relationship but not engaged/married, you have twin girls. Their first & middle names come from this list:
    Names: Meliora Zillah and Hero Tace

    -- If you have no children, you have boy/girl twins. Their first & middle names come from this list:
    Names: Weston Miro and Alaia Imogen

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    Jun 2011
    14 year old - Girl - Delilah Juliet

    11 year old - Girl - Esme Clara

    9 year old - Girl - Harper Simone

    6 year old - Twin Boys - Theo Sebastian & Reed Henry

    2 year old - N/A

    Newborn - BG Twins - Weston Jasper
    Emily Christine. 19.

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    DD: Esme Adelaide (11)
    DS: Asher Patrick (9)
    DS/DS: Elias Jonah & Liam Cole (6)
    DS: Lachlan Rhys (2)
    DD/DS: Marin Ellis & Willem Jasper
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    If you have blue eyes, you have a girl. Juliet Ivy
    If you have blonde hair, you have a girl. Magnolia Florence "Maggie
    If you are under 18, you have a girl. Stella Harper
    If you are single, divorced, etc, you have twin boys.Milo Tobias and Theo Wyatt
    If you never finished high school, you have no two year old. (Still in highschool)
    If you have no children, you have boy/girl twins, Valentina Marisol and Jasper Raphael

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