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    Two years after your second child was born, your husband tells you he wants to adopt. His brother adopted a baby girl, domestically. You and DH decide you'll adopt internationally.

    Do you adopt a boy or a girl?

    Where do you adopt from?
    South America

    What is his name?
    Oliver Hugo Alvaro McManus

    When your firstborn is 7, your adopted child is 5, and your youngest is 4, you decide you want another child. This will be your last. A year later, you give birth to a beautiful baby.

    Boy or girl?

    Name: Lily Allison McManus

    What does she look like?
    Green eyes & Black hair (dad's eyes and hair)

    You have a very happy little family. You and DH are still very happily married and adore your four children, aged 11, 9, 8, and 3. One stormy night, DH gets a call. His brother and sister-in-law were in a fatal car crash. DH was named the guardian of their three children, aged 12, 6, and 3.

    What are their genders and birth order?
    Girl, Girl, Girl

    What are their names?
    - Madelyn Claire McManus
    - Gabriella Chloe McManus
    - Annabelle Kayla McManus

    Your house is now too small for your overnight addition of three. So you all move into a larger house and have land for all the kids to run wild on. You now have a 6 bedroom home. One bedroom is for you and DH. How are the remaining 5 rooms split between your seven children?

    Room 1: Madelyn
    Room 2: Rose & Eliza
    Room 3: Oliver
    Room 4: Gabriella
    Room 5: Lily & Annabelle
    Room 6: ​You and DH
    Favourite Names at the moment
    Girls:Veronica, Abbey, Emma, Lily, Cara, Eowyn, Arya, Scarlett, Sofia, Roisin, Imogen, Taylor, Rowan, Elouise, Lucy, Aiobheann, Caerwyn, Caoimhe, Eleanor, Juliet, Jude, Skye, Alexandria, Hazel, Morgan, Alice

    Boys:Daniel, Dominic, Aidan, Kian, Logan, Daryl, Noah, Robbie, Riley, Elijah, Taylor, Joel, Jonah, Luke, Tobias, Lewis, Benjamin, Aaron, Harris, Kellin, Cory, Hugo

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