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    What is your name? Ellis Ann-Marie Dudley - 'Elli'

    How old are you? 21

    What color are your eyes? brown

    What color is your hair? dirty blond

    You're sitting at Starbucks with a couple of friends. This very handsome group of guys come in. They sit at a nearby table. One of the guys catches your attention as you can kind of overhear their conversation. He seems nice, mature, and cultured. He looks like he'd be a complete gentleman. His eyes catch yours and he smiles. You look away quickly, embarrassed and try to continue the conversation you were having with your friends. But you can't help yourself, so you look back over. He immediately catches you look at him again, but again, he smiles, so this time you smile back before looking away. You refuse to look at him again, for fear of him thinking you're creepy. Your friends are ready to go, so you all leave.

    A week passes and you just can't stop thinking about this guy, which is strange because you don't know him at all. One night, you decide to revisit the Starbucks in hopes of seeing him there. You walk in and look around, but he's not there. Silly you. You should've known better. Life is the the fairy tale you wish it could be. You order your usual and are ready to head back home. Just as you reach for the door, a man from the outside opens it. It's him. He smiles and says, "Hey, you." You blush and manage to get out a, "Hi." "Would you like to sit and have coffee with me?", he asks. How could you deny him? So the two of you sit and drink your coffee. He tells you he thought you were captivatingly beautiful when he saw you with your friends. He walks passed that Starbucks every day to and from work and always looks to see if you're in there. He was on his way home from work just now when he saw you. You're extremely flattered and can barely find anything to say. He makes it easy, though. He carries most of the conversation and finds little ways to get you to talk. You like him...a lot, that much is already evident. You exchange numbers before heading home. Over the next few weeks, you guys talk...a lot. Within that month, you two are officially dating. The two of you are like a match made in heaven. You've never been happier in your entire life.

    What is his name? Dexter Augustus Whitaker - 'Dex'

    How old is he? 24

    What color are his eyes? blue

    What color is his hair? brown

    How long are you dating before he proposes? 1 year, 6 months

    He takes you on the most wonderful honeymoon you could have ever imagined. In fact, the wedding he gave you was the wedding of your dreams. Everything seems so perfect in your life right now. A couple weeks into your marriage, you start feeling funny. As it turns out, your pregnant. A nice little honeymoon magic baby is on the way.

    Boy or girl? Boy

    Name: Heathcliff Lysander Whitaker – ‘Heath

    What does he/she look like? Brown eyes, brown hair

    A full year has gone by. You've adjusted to motherhood quite well. Your husband has made it easy for you, though. He's the breadwinner & you get to stay at home and give all your attention to your little one. You love being a mother and really want another. He agrees. By the time your firstborn is 2, his/her little sibling has arrived.

    Boy or girl? Boy

    Name: Benedict Orion Whitaker – ‘Ben

    What does he/she look like? Blue eyes, dirty blond hair
    Alba Johanna Leigh joined us March 21, 2013 @ 7:06pm ~ 7lbs, 4.6oz & 20in

    Baby Haven will be joining us around April 11, 2017! What will her full name be???

    My favorite names!

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