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    Names to go with Noah

    Ok, I am nowhere near having a child or even thinking about siblings (just a name lover!). For a long time now i have absolutely adored the name Noah and while many other names on my 'list' are constantly changing this one has stayed put. I have a couple of other boys names I like (none as much as Noah) but girls names are proving impossible. There are plently i like but none i love or imagine ever calling a daughter. I have a thing about nick namey names. i love the nick names but always feel they should have a full name. For instance i love Millie and Evie for girls but can't find the perfect full name (especially for Millie). Do you think these could stand alone? Other names i like (but don't love) are Adelaide, Ivy, Isla, Rose, Grace, Evelyn, Rosalie, Annabel, Sophie, Ava and boys Rory, Harrison, Reid, Matthew, Finlay, Riley, Eli, Levi, Nathaniel, Frederick, Caleb, Joshua (aain none i particularly love)
    What would you name Noah's sibling?? Thanks. Oh and any ideas on how i could find more names i love, i seem to have been looking for ages!!
    Currently loving:
    Evelyn Hazel nn Evie, Mabel Coralie, Violet Sophie, Sophie Florence, Daisy Beatrice, Ivy Adelaide and Elsa Primrose
    Noah Reid, George Timothy, Rory Hugo, Henry Atticus, Charles Nathaniel nn Charlie, Oscar Tobias and Harvey Thomas

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    Re: Names to go with Noah

    Also love Noah. Middle child has this name. My Oldest is James. Youngest is Lucy. I posted an earlier post looking for a 4th name (boy or girl) to go with these 3 names . 4th baby due in March. Noah is sooo cute though!

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    Re: Names to go with Noah

    Even though Noah is popular, it's still a great name. You can go many ways with Noah -- Biblical, colonial, Israeli, even classic. Many Jewish parents will combine an English name with a Biblical name -- for example, my son, Thomas Caleb, or his friend, Philip Isaac -- and Noah would easily fit in that pattern: John Noah; Noah James; Noah Alexander.

    I love the name Millie too, because it was the name of my great-aunt Millie who was a Mildred. I don't mind Mildred at all -- I know it ranks with Bertha -- but there are plenty of names that could derive Milly. Emily, Emilia, Amelia, Romilda, Romilly, Millicent, Melisande, Melissa, etc.

    The only Noah sibset I know has been Aliza, Rachel, and Noah (obviously from Hebrew school).

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