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    Middle name for Hugh?

    You all gave me such great advice about our girl's name, now please help me troubleshoot a boy's name!

    If this baby is a boy, it will be named Hugh... it's a family name for both of us. We have a two-syllable surname that rhymes with Hurry. Any advice on middle names? We like William, but might want to save that in case we have another son (nn Will.) Our first girl will be an Olivia, for a second we like Elke, Ines, or Josephine.

    My tastes are pretty traditional with a few weird exceptions (like a fondness for Raphael... which my husband hates!) We're Aussies in the US. I've thought about Arthur, honoring Arthur Stace (the man who wrote "Eternity" on pavements all over Sydney) but worry it's too old-man, and Stace seems too girly. Arthur would give us unfortunate initials so we might add a second middle.

    I'm rambling... help! Good traditional grown-up middle names that go with Hugh, or alternate names for a 2nd boy if we use William as this middle.

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    Re: Middle name for Hugh?

    If it helps to visualize, questions will be asked if this baby is not towhead-blonde with blue eyes

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    Re: Middle name for Hugh?

    I really like the name Hugh. From your list, I think Hugh Arthur works. A longer middle name would flow well...

    Hugh Alexander
    Hugh Lysander
    Hugh Theodore
    Hugh Frederick
    Hugh Nicholas
    Hugh Leonidas

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    Re: Middle name for Hugh?

    Update: it seems my husband has his heart set on Hugh William, which I do love, but Will is my only other boy name! So I need a potential brother for Hugh William before I can commit to using both on one child (we're planning 3-4 kids, so it's very possible we'll have 2 boys.) I would like to use Arthur as the mn for boy #2. Any suggestions? I like Henry, but that would give us the initials HAM... is that bad?

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    Re: Middle name for Hugh?

    poptart, I like Alexander and Frederick. My only reservation with Frederick is that I don't like Fred/Freddie, and both are definitely going to happen :lol:

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