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    Your name is Olivia Rose . You are 21 year old third-year college student attending UEA and are in need of a summer job. You complain about this to one of your professors Vera Jameson, and she tells you their cousin, Lyle Jameson, is looking for a new nanny. While you do like kids, being someone's nanny doesn't sound appealing to you. But student loans need to be paid, so you swallow your pride when your professor puts in a good word for you and you go in for an interview with the man's secretary.

    Two weeks after the first interview, you are called back in for follow-up questions. You passed the first part, now comes the real test: how you interact with the boss's children.

    Girl - Caroline Grace Jameson (1)
    Boy - Frederick John Jameson 'Freddie' (4)

    To your surprise and delight, the children are sweet and well-behaved. They take an instant liking to you and you like them, too. According to the secretary, the boss is pleased and you're scheduled to start as soon as school lets out as the family's new live-in nanny.

    Boss' house -

    The family lives in Cambridge, an hour's drive away from the town where you school is located. The first day you start you meet your boss, Lyle Jameson, an attractive, well-dressed businessman in his late thirties. He's nice to you and pays you well, as well as gives you all the necessities to look after the children during the day. But you're simply the nanny. Lyle works normal business hours and is always home before his kids go to bed. You like him--a lot.

    While your boss takes the kids out for a day to give you some time off, you use the opportunity to interrogate the housekeeper, Melanie Richards. You've never seen Mrs. Jameson and you're wondering where she is. The housekeeper tells you that the misses left the boss for a former business partner two years ago. She signed over all her parental rights to her ex-husband and no one has heard from her since. The housekeeper also mentions that before the divorce, the boss was so caught up in his family's business firm he hardly paid attention to the kids. But since their mother left, he feels awful, as he feels it's his fault, and indulges the children with whatever they want.

    For the rest of the summer, you go on day trips with the kids and, more often than not, their dad tags along. But as the new school term approaches, you talk to your boss regarding your work schedule. You want to continue to be the children's nanny, but you're worried it could interfere with your schooling. He understands and you two come to an agreement: you'll be a back-up for the new nanny, who was the runner-up after you, in case she gets fired or is on vacation.

    Two months into your final year of college, you get a surprising phone call from Lyle. He asks if you're doing anything Saturday night. You say no, you have the night off from your new job, a waitress at a local coffee shop. He wants to know if you would like to go out to dinner with him. You're caught off guard, no clue to how to respond to something as ironically cliche as dating the nanny. He admits he's been thinking a lot about you lately and apologizes if he's bothered you. You reassure him it's OK and say yes to dinner.

    Date for 6 months

    After you graduate from college, you move in with Lyle and his kids, but as his new girlfriend, not the nanny. The children love you and you love them, as well as their father. He lets you have your own career as a Teacher and doesn't expect you to come work for him at his family's firm or be a trophy wife, which makes you love him more. On a special holiday, he asks you to marry him, and a year later the two of you have a large, glamorous vacation wedding.

    He proposes on Valentines day & you marry in Barcelona, Spain.

    Engagement ring - http://engagementringsall.weekly-cou...nt_rings14.jpg
    Wedding dress -

    Boy/Girl Twin babies
    DS: Atticus Roman Jameson
    DD: Minnie Delilah Jameson

    3 years pass after your babies are born. Your oldest step-child Freddie comes home from school very, very upset. He/she swears they saw their mother watching them as they were leaving school. Sure enough, an hour later, your husband's ex-wife, Raquel, is at the front door. She is eight and a half-months pregnant. She says that her latest husband left her after she found out she was pregnant. She doesn't want the baby, but feels that it should be with its half-siblings. You can tell this woman is trouble and leaving a child with her would be a bad idea. DH agrees and you adopt the babies after they are born. The mother disappears, but one month later, your husband receives word that the woman accidentally overdosed and died. Then, three weeks later, you find out you're pregnant.

    Raquel's babies - b/b twins
    DS: Remus Louis Jameson
    DS: Jacob Jasper Jameson

    Your babies - g/g/b triplets
    DS: Magnus Miller Jameson
    DD: Charlotte Lola Jameson
    DD: Arabella Ivy Jameson

    Five years later a high school girlfriend of your husband's is killed in a car accident and her will reveals she had a son by him. You and your husband take him in.

    DS: Knox Tennyson Jameson

    Your brother, Kai , asks to move in with you after his wife, Jodi, divorces him. Being the big sister having to serve the prince for most of your childhood, you say no...but you can't get the memory of your mother's nagging voice out of your head. So, your husband tells your brother he can only live with your family if he works at your husband's family's business firm and pays rent to live in the guest house. To your shock, your brother agrees. But six months later, when you find out you're pregnant, your brother brings home his pregnant girlfriend. Your brother takes off. His girlfriend dies from birth complications after giving birth to a baby boy. You and your husband adopt the baby.

    DS: Hudson Tremont Jameson

    You have Quints: g/b/b/g/g

    DS: Phineas Stellan Jameson
    DS: Rafferty Xane Jameson
    DD: Vivien Theda Jameson
    DD: Ianthe Mae Jameson
    DD: Evelyn Belle Jameson


    Lyle & Olivia with Caroline, Freddie, Atticus, Minnie, Remus, Jacob, Magnus, Charlotte, Arabella, Knox, Hudson, Phineas, Rafferty, Vivien, Ianthe & Evelyn.

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