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    Your name is Isla Rose Willams. You are 21 year old third-year college student attending UCLA and are in need of a summer job. You complain about this to one of your professors Jacob Hayes, and he/she tells you their cousin, Noah Hayes, is looking for a new nanny. While you do like kids, being someone's nanny doesn't sound appealing to you. But student loans need to be paid, so you swallow your pride when your professor puts in a good word for you and you go in for an interview with the man's secretary.

    Two weeks after the first interview, you are called back in for follow-up questions. You passed the first part, now comes the real test: how you interact with the boss's child.

    What is the kids' names?
    A girl;Estelle Jolie Hayes
    How old is the kid?
    To your surprise and delight, the child is sweet and well-behaved. She take an instant liking to you and you like her, too. According to the secretary, the boss is pleased and you're scheduled to start as soon as school lets out as the family's new live-in nanny.

    What does the boss's house look like?

    The family lives in Ojai, an hour's drive away from the town where you school is located. The first day you start you meet your boss, Noah Hayes, an attractive, well-dressed businessman in his late thirties. He's nice to you and pays you well, as well as gives you all the necessities to look after the child during the day. But you're simply the nanny. Noah works normal business hours and is always home before his kids go to bed. You like him--a lot.

    While your boss takes Estelle out for a day to give you some time off, you use the opportunity to interrogate the housekeeper, Caroline. You've never seen Mrs.Hayes and you're wondering where she is. The housekeeper tells you that the misses left the boss for a former business partner two years ago. She signed over all her parental rights to her ex-husband and no one has heard from her since. The housekeeper also mentions that before the divorce, the boss was so caught up in his family's business firm he hardly paid attention to Estelle. But since their mother left, he feels awful, as he feels it's his fault, and indulges her with whatever they want.

    For the rest of the summer, you go on day trips with Estelle and, more often than not, her dad tags along. But as the new school term approaches, you talk to your boss regarding your work schedule. You want to continue to be Estelle's nanny, but you're worried it could interfere with your schooling. He understands and you two come to an agreement: you'll be a back-up for the new nanny, who was the runner-up after you, in case she gets fired or is on vacation.

    Two months into your final year of college, you get a surprising phone call from Noah. He asks if you're doing anything Saturday night. You say no, you have the night off from your new job, a waitress at a local coffee shop. He wants to know if you would like to go out to dinner with him. You're caught off guard, no clue to how to respond to something as ironically cliche as dating the nanny. He admits he's been thinking a lot about you lately and apologizes if he's bothered you. You reassure him it's OK and say yes to dinner.

    How long do you date your former boss for?
    2 years

    After you graduate from college, you move in with Noah and Estelle, but as his new girlfriend, not the nanny. Estelle loves you and you love her, as well as her father. He lets you have your own career as a OB/GYN nurse and doesn't expect you to come work for him at his family's firm or be a trophy wife, which makes you love him more. On a special holiday, he asks you to marry him, and a year later the two of you have a large, glamorous vacation wedding.

    On what holiday does DH propose?
    New Year's

    Where do you have your vacation wedding?
    Paris, France

    What does your engagement ring look like?
    What does your wedding dress look like?

    You and DH stay another week for a small honeymoon when the guests leave for home and Estelle stays with your in-laws at their house in Santa Barbara. Three months after you come home, you find out you're pregnant. Of course, you and DH weren't planning on having kids so early, but why would you wait any longer?

    How many babies do you have?
    1, a girl

    What is the baby's names?
    Olive Miranda Hayes

    4 years pass after your baby is born. Your oldest step-child Estelle comes home from school very, very upset. She swears they saw their mother watching them as they were leaving school. Sure enough, an hour later, your husband's ex-wife, Katrina, is at the front door. She is eight and a half-months pregnant. She says that her latest husband left her after she found out she was pregnant. She doesn't want the baby, but feels that it should be with its half-siblings. You can tell this woman is trouble and leaving a child with her would be a bad idea. DH agrees and you adopt the baby(s) after they are born. The mother disappears, but 2 months later, your husband receives word that the woman accidentally overdosed and died. Then, 6 weeks later, you find out you're pregnant.

    How many babies did DH's ex-wife have?
    one baby

    What are the babies' genders? (even=girl odd=boy)

    What is the baby(s) name(s)?
    Alice Delilah

    How many babies do you have?
    one baby

    What are the babies' genders? (even=girl odd=boy)

    What is your baby's name?
    Clementine Poppy

    (ROLL THE DICE) years later, an event stirs up your family. What happens? Roll the dice.
    1 or 2. You discover you have a teenage half-sister who is in need of guardianship. You take her in. Her first & middle name is from
    What is her name?
    Robyn Alma Hayes
    If you rolled a...

    1 or 2: Your half-sister, Robyn, is wild and rebellious, but you expect that since she's grown up in foster care for most of her life. Your mom is mad at you for taking in your father's illegitimate child, but you know you did the right thing. Once your sister realizes she's not going anywhere, she settles down and her behavior changes. Then, she finds out she's pregnant--and she doesn't know who the father is. You and your husband don't know what to think, but you support her decision to keep her baby and promise to do whatever you can to help her. The day after your sister finds out she's pregnant, you find out you're pregnant.
    What is your baby's gender?

    What is your baby's name?
    Archer Crow Hayes

    What is your sister's baby's gender?

    What is your sister's baby's name?
    Ella Madison

    No matter what happens, you and your husband end up with a huge, happy family.

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