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    I have a dog who is really jumpy, so when i come home with the baby\ies, what can i do to prevent the dog from jumping up on me and my baby\ies?
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    Maybe if you would have the dogs move out and by them their own home outdoors penned up you wouldn't have that problem, dogs and newborns don't go together very well IMO. (No offense)

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    Re: Worry..

    I just saw an episode of "It's Me or the Dog US" the other day which covered a very similar topic. I don't know if you could find it somewhere, maybe online. A couple were expecting their first child and they had an aggressive dog and called in a dog expert for help. I was pretty keen on the topic b/c I am also pregnant and have a very pack-oriented, assertive cat who might get in our baby's face and possibly hurt her unintentionally. This is what the dog expert recommended:

    1. Practice expert's methods well before the baby arrives. Get your dog's behavior under control without the baby before baby arrives.
    2. She was honest that if training didn't work, that they would have to get rid of their dog.
    3. She seemed to enforce a positive-reinforcement policy for the dog's good behavior and zero-tolerance for potentially dangerous behavior. The dog expert brought in a very life-like babydoll wrapped in a swaddling blanket. The dog came into the room. The entire time that the dog did nothing harmful, he received positive praise and pets, so that he isn't just receiving (negative) attention when he behaves badly. He could just be sitting there near the baby and would receive "Good dog!" When the dog did anything aggressive, he was immediately sent out of the room. Interestingly, when someone else came into the room and came near the babydoll, the dog acted protective and came between the dog and babydoll and barked. This might seem cute or positive, but the expert says absolutely no agression around the baby. You must assert that you are the masters and will protective the baby. This is not the dog's job. So he immediately was sent out of the room. I think they shouted "No!" but don't recall. Once the dog was acting calmly around the babydoll, the expert turned on a CD player with baby crying noises and they kept up the exercise: positive praise when the dog was good (and did nothing) and immediately removing the dog when it was aggressive.
    4. Make sure your dog is getting plenty of exercise to get rid of its energy and feed its need to explore its local surroundings. She trained the wife how to give the dog walks while pushing a stroller.

    I know you said you were worried about your dog's jumping and not that it was necessarily aggressive but you may be able to apply the same basic principles. It just occurred to me that she did another episode w/ a pregnant couple who's dog might have had a jumping in-your-face problem. I'd watch both.

    This is just my memory, I am no expert and don't even own a dog. I really recommend calling in an expert dog trainer. It only takes one accident. If you don't feel confident about your dog, you may have to find it a new home.

    Good luck.

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