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Thread: Luke Vs Lucas

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    Luke Vs Lucas

    What do you think of the names?
    Which do you prefer?

    We are expecting September 3rd, team green and are FINALLY working on naming this baby #3.

    We have a
    Chloe Chantal
    Charlotte Ann Francis
    and a potential Ciara ________ if it is a girl.

    For a boy DH loves Luke. It is his all time favorite name.
    I prefer Lucas (I think)
    I also really like

    Convince me to switch to Luke!

    Popularity is not a big deal to us (obviously see the girls! ha ha)

    Any other names you would recommend? We like traditional names, not unisex.

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    Re: Luke Vs Lucas

    My younger brother's name is Lucas and most people call him Luke. This is an alternative if you like the name Lucas more. He is used to being called both about half the time.

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    Re: Luke Vs Lucas

    I don't think I'm going to sway you. I like Lucas better, too. Plus, it gives him so much flexibility. You can call a Lucas "Luke" but not the other way around. Would he be open to putting Lucas on the birth certificate but calling him Luke from the start?

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    Re: Luke Vs Lucas

    I prefer Luke. Lucas seems sort of wimpy to me and I know a nice Lucas so it's not from association. Luke is more classic obviously and more masculine. Would you use the nn Luke for Lucas? The Lucas I know goes by Luc; when I didn't realize it was short for Lucas I thought his parents were snobby or French or both.

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    Re: Luke Vs Lucas

    Luke has got to be one of these names that appeal more to men than women--I think associations like Luke Skywalker and Cool Hand Luke have something to do with it. But that isn't necessarily a bad thing--after all, if you're naming a boy it seems like a guy would know what a boy would like to be named? And Luke is classic, like your daughters' names, strong, but could still be sophisticated.

    On the other hand, if you want to try to convince him of Lucas...for me, the main appeal is that it's such an international name. Your son could travel so many places and they would recognize Lucas as a boys' name. And with Ciara on your list for a future daughter, it does seem like you're moving in the direction of more international names. I don't know whether the Luke Skywalker reference is part of the appeal of Luke, for your DH, but maybe reminding him of George Lucas would up the Lucas cool factor for him?
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