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    Middle Name for Iris

    We had Iris Victoria picked out, but I am not totally set on Victoria for the middle name (We LOVE Iris though, and it's her name for sure!!!)

    Can anyone offer suggestions for a middle name for Iris? We've been looking at our female family members and can't find a name we love there. My 2 older boys have an honoring name for the middle, and I'd love to do that again- but like I said, we can't find one. So.. please, please, please offer suggestions!! I love more unique names for middle names- nothing Biblical, and I love names that have a real meaning (not the "masculine version of..." names).
    Mama to 4 handsome, awesome boys!
    Sebastian, Oliver, Elliott and August

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    Re: Middle Name for Iris

    Iris is lovely (and my middle name! ). Just one thing... I consider names like Louisa, Philippa, Caroline or Lucia to have meanings beyond 'masculine version of ___'-- after all, each name has its own etymology and origin, and so what if it happens to have both a male and female counterpart? I think you're boxing yourself in too much! (Also, sorry if I suggest a Biblical name; I honestly don't really have a sense of what names appear in the Bible).

    Iris Lydia
    Iris Juliet
    Iris Elodie
    Iris Helena
    Iris Caroline
    Iris Viviana
    Iris Olympia
    Iris Eleanora
    Iris Evangeline
    Iris Penelope
    Iris Araminta
    Iris Bianca
    Iris Calanthe
    Iris Diana
    Iris Seraphina
    Iris Delphine
    Iris Marguerite
    Iris Adelaide
    Iris Emmeline
    Iris Adele
    Iris Josephine
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    Re: Middle Name for Iris

    Hi there!
    My 6 month old is Iris and we love the name. Her middle name is Amelia. I kind of regret not giving her a more 'fun' middle name.

    Oh, and you would never expect it but we've run into plenty of people where we live who look puzzled when we tell them that our baby is Iris. Sometimes people look puzzled and ask me to repeat the name or spell it. And then I have to say "like the flower". I was not expecting it to be so difficult for people. We live in Missouri.

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    Re: Middle Name for Iris

    OK.. what about:

    Iris Clare


    Iris Roxana

    Mama to 4 handsome, awesome boys!
    Sebastian, Oliver, Elliott and August

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