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    DS: Sawyer Timothy

    2 months later you and DH are married on a private beach in the summer.

    When Sawyer is 1, you and DH decide you are ready to have more children, 3 months later you find out you're pregnant with triplets.

    DS: Jasper Barnaby
    DS: Flynn Malachi
    DD: Bridget Viera

    3 years later, your kids are now 5 and 3, you and DH decide you want one more baby to make your family complete. But first, you move into a bigger house and in a new area.

    Move into a Victorian house in Pennsylvania.

    6 months after you have settled into your new home, you get pregnant for the third time, you've decided this will be your last child.

    DS: Julian August

    Sawyer, Jasper, Flynn, Bridget & Julian.

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