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    Your name is (Magnolia Miette) and you've just graduated from (Yale) with a degree in (science). You and your friends party hard. The next morning, you wake up at the house of your best guy friend, (Gideon Zebedee) and find yourself in his bed, with him lying next to you. Though you've been seriously crushing on him since the first day you met, you promise each other you'll never speak of it again. Until a month later, when you discover your period is late.

    You take a pregnancy test and it comes back positive. You tell your best friend, (Cosima Georgiana), and she urges you to tell (Gideon). The next day, you drive up to his house in (Brooklyn) and when he opens the door, before he even says hello, you blurt out, "I'm pregnant!"

    Naturally, he's shocked, but he's responsible and promises you the two of you will handle this together. He even convinces you to move in with him, goes with you to doctor's appointments, reads baby books like Bibles, and tricks out a nursery with all the necessities, furniture, and toys, to prove to you how serious he is. Nine months later, you deliver a healthy, beautiful baby both of you instantly fall in love with.

    What is the baby's gender? Male
    DS: Leo Nikolai

    You and (Gideon) continue to live together and take equal responsibility of your baby. By now, you've come to believe that you and him will never be more than good friends and Leo's parents. Then, he shocks you by tell you he loves you and, on both knees, asks you to marry him. So happy that you're crying, you say yes.
    How many months later are you & DH married? (5 months)
    When & where are you married? On a private beach in the summer
    When your first child is (1), you and DH have both further your careers successfully, with you as a (pediatrician) and him as a (genetic engineer). You've decided you're ready for more children. 5 months later you find you're pregnant.
    How many babies do you have? (3)
    DD/DS/DS: Matilda Persephone and Augustine Ezekiel and Lachlan Phineas (Tilly and Gus and Lachie)
    5 years later, your kids are now 5 and 7 and you and DH want one more baby to make your family complete. But first, you move into a bigger house and in a new area.
    Where do you move to? New York
    What kind of house do you buy? Victorian house
    2 months after you've settled into your new home, you get pregnant with you and DH's third child. You've also decided this will be your last child.
    How many babies do you have? four girls & two boys
    Felix Kai and Tobias Birch and Evangeline Maeve and Genevieve Snow and Clementine Pearl and Beatrice Plum (Toby)

    Gideon and Magnolia
    Leo, Matilda (Tilly), Augustine (Gus), Lachlan (Lachie), Felix, Tobias (Toby), Evangeline, Genevieve, Clementine and Beatrice

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