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    If you could blend the two possibly? For example, Arielle. Think of Ariel and choose a French-ed up version. This one's said like are-YELL, I believe.
    I just like names and languages.
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    Anaelle? (Ah nah ELLE) I know a beautiful 7 year old French / Jewish girl with that name and have always thought it was gorgeous.

    There are also feminizations like Josephine that have hebrew roots, but aren't actually used as a hebrew name.

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    My hubby is Jewish and his grandmother is French. She gave both her daughters French names. Interestingly her grandchildren have a mix of French, British and Jewish names but all the great grandchildren have Hebrew names or ones linked. Name your child a name you love. It's much more important.

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    I’ve tried to put together a list of French names with Hebrew origins using Hope that helps.

    (Disclaimer: Being neither Jewish, nor French, I’m not sure of their authenticity nor how often these names are actually used in either community!)

    Debora – French version of Deborah
    Élisabeth / Élise / Isabelle / Liliane / Lise / Lisette - French versions of Elisheva
    Léa – French version of Leah
    Josée – French feminisation of Joseph
    Marielle – French version of Mirele (a diminutive of Miriam)
    Noémie – French version of Naomi
    Simone – French feminisation of Simon
    Suzanne / Suzette - French version of Shoshana
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    I am not Jewish, but here are my thoughts-

    It depends what you really want. If having a Jewish name is truly important why not use a Jewish name in the first name spot and a French name in the middle? If having a Jewish first name is not crucial, use a French first name and a Jewish middle.
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