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    Re: Am I kidding myself?

    Hahaha, my family and I don't have a remotely Jewish name (Isabel) but I have a separate Hebrew name. (Ahavah) I think that's a great solution because you get to pick twice the amount of names, any name lover's dream!
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    Re: Am I kidding myself?

    Echoing previous posters here... French first name and Jewish middle name seems like the perfect solution.

    Good luck!
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    Re: Am I kidding myself?

    Thanks everyone! What great comments. I picked an old testament name for my son and didn't give him a Hebrew name so I guess that didn't even occur to me for my little girl!

    Also her middle name is Jewish (my last name which is Hebrew). My husband's last name got changed at Ellis Island (his dad's) as so many were so now it doesn't sound Jewish either although is sure did before (Lieberman was the original).

    This may sound like a silly question but what is supposed to be the relationship between the regular name and the Hebrew name? I mean same first letter or a translation or totally unrelated?

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    Re: Am I kidding myself?

    Oh and I love the name Orly... are there other names like that that are both Jewish and French?

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    Re: Am I kidding myself?

    From what I understand the Hebrew name can be anything. Sometimes the given name might be the English version of the Hebrew name (Eitan's given name is Ethan) or sometimes the two are completely unrelated (Alex's Hebrew name is Yaacov).

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