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    Am I kidding myself?

    Every possible baby girl name I like is French... but I keep telling myself that I want a Jewish or Hebrew or Old Testament name.

    Should I just give up and give my little Jewish girl a French name?

    I am torn between wanting to give her an ethnically appropriate name and wanting a strong, but feminine name that everyone has heard of, but isn't common.

    Suggests very welcome!

    thanks in advance all!

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    Re: Am I kidding myself?

    I would love to have a Jewish and a non-Jewish perspective on this one!

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    Re: Am I kidding myself?

    If it were me I would give her the first name I love (in your case the French one) and put the Hebrew name in the middle. I see absolutely no reason why a Jewish baby can't have a name from another culture. I've known little Jewish babies named Blake, Ty, and Phoebe and it didn't seem weird to me.

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    Re: Am I kidding myself?

    I'm Jewish and I agree with the poster above. There can be mitigating circumstances, but I tend to think it's best to give your baby a name you love. Also, French and Jewish are not mutually exclusive categories (I mean, it's not like you have to name your baby, I don't know, Christiane or something). If honoring your Jewish heritage is important to you, but no distinctly Jewish names are singing to you for the first spot, a Jewish middle name is a nice compromise.

    What names are you in love with?

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    Re: Am I kidding myself?

    We've been through the Jewish/non-Jewish name issue a lot recently for DD2. My husband's father is Jewish, so he and our kids have a Jewish last name although they aren't Jewish.

    DD1 is Naomi, so she has a pretty Jewish name too. I LOVE the French version, Noemie, and wish we'd considered it. I do like the Spanish spelling, Noemi, better though.

    I also love the name Orly. I know no French person would use it as a name, but it is Jewish and French.

    Good luck.

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