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    I didn't know I was pregnant with number 1 until nearly 5 months in! I only tested in the end because I'd put on so much weight in my FACE that people were asking me if I was pregnant!
    I have had the most widely varying experiences of pregnancy.

    I have to say, I think I'd be devastated to miss out on the whole 9 months of it. However tiring, painful, lethargic, bloated, heavy, sleepless etc. etc. pregnancy can be, the feeling that I'd missed out on all the growing, scans, kicks etc. would devastate me. Do these women typically get post-traumatic stress or anything?

    Ps. suzypink my son was born two days before your twins!
    mum to the lovely Harriet Katia (10) Beatrix Liv (6) and Cordelia Joyce (4) and Lionel Rafferty (1 whole year already)

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    I'm sorry but I believe that women on this show are just severely out of touch with their bodies. I'm always irregular with my periods and I'm a bigger person, not obese but larger framed and I knew at 6 weeks I was pregnant. You just have a feeling. And now being 39 weeks, how in the world could you mistake a baby moving for gas?? My baby moves so hard sometimes it hurts like hell...and you can actually feel a foot or a butt pressing against you.

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    Re: jackielou

    I agree that it sounds sort of ridiculous and the pregnancies that are featured on this show are for the most part completely irregular and pretty rare. However, if you had never had a child and never thought you were going to, you probably wouldn't be in tune to pregnancy symptoms in the first place. Especially, if you didn't show and had a lot of "insulation" around your waist line, albeit muscle or fat. With every new symptom, most moms-to-be worriedly ask around to find out what's normal and what's not, so even a lot of women that know they're pregnant, aren't sure of what to expect.

    BTW, the lady I was referring to in an earlier post wasn't just larger; she actually was obese. I don't think that she was overly concerned with her own health or regularly saw a doctor. She was in her early 40's and had gone her whole life thinking that a pregnancy was out of the question. I saw her when she was 6 months pregnant and had no idea that she was carrying. Her little girl is truly her "miracle baby."

    Personally, there's no way I could not know I was pregnant right now. (I'm 37 weeks. Yay!) I, too, just had a feeling when I got pregnant and knew right away, but not everyone is like that.

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    That show always drives me nuts, I mean honestly, dont you know somethings wrong when they move or kick..its got to feel like more than Gas.

    My aunt didnt know she was pregnant till she was about 6 months ago, she was in her 40s and had been told she would never have kids, her first husband and her went thru a few years of fertility treatments and nothing worked so she stopped trying. One night on New years eve with my Uncle and Bam...shes pregnant lol. She thought she was going thru Menopause till he kicked her and started moving alot...she paniced and thought she had cancer and went to the dr. Fainted when they told her she was pregnant! Bradley Michael is now 15 years old

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