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    TLC I didn't know I was pregnant

    I normally don't watch I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant, but yesterday or the day before I watched the last 5 minutes of an episode. It was kind of interesting and fascinating, yet strange and different and a bit creepy.

    Did you or someone you know not know that you were pregnant? What do you think of the TV show, I Didn't Know I was Pregnant? Any other thoughts?
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    Re: TLC I didn't know I was pregnant

    I always thought that show was ridiculous until one day one of my co-workers and I had to drive somewhere for work... about 30 minutes after we left our job we got a phone call that one of our other co-workers had gone into labor.

    She was perfectly fine before we left, and we didnt realize she was pregnant. She didnt know either!!!

    It was amazing to me.

    My friends always argue "how can you not know? You won't have your period... thats a pretty big clue!" But, that arguement wouldn't work for everyon. Like me for example, because mine are really irregular. Sometimes there will be stretches of time where it comes once every month, and other times it can go for several months without it.

    I dont ever think about it until its been a few months... and then I remember my co-worker and freak out a little thinking to myself "what if I'm halfway through a pregnancy?!" lol

    Of course... I'm not. lol
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    Re: TLC I didn't know I was pregnant

    I know two people that gave birth and did not know they were pregnant. The first one was an acquaintance. She went to the hospital one day for excruciating cramps, and she left a few days later with a baby girl. She says that she got her period the whole time, and she never looked pregnant, maybe gained ten pound. She is very tall, so I think that helped to hide the bump. Only symptom she reported was feeling tired, which doesn't really scream pregnancy.

    The other person I have never met, but she is on my in-laws side of the family. She also made it to the hospital, but nobody knew she was pregnant. She is schizophrenic, and very obese which might explain why the mother never noticed. Her daughter ended up being adopted by another family member. She is the sweetest little girl.

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    Re: TLC I didn't know I was pregnant

    I used to watch this show quite a bit. It does seem extraordinary that a woman might go a whole 9 months without knowing she is pregnant, but I think it is more common than most people think.

    I knew someone that had this happen to her. She was having pains in her leg and went to the hospital. There she was told that she was pregnant and about to give birth. The next day she had a healthy baby girl.

    When asked if she ever felt the baby moving, she said she thought that she just had really bad gas! She was a larger lady and only got her period a few times a year. She had been told that she couldn't have children, so the thought that she could be pregnant never occurred to her.

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    Re: TLC I didn't know I was pregnant

    I have never known anyone who has made it to term but I do know two people who didn't find out about their pregnancies until 5 months in one case and 8 months in another. And I personally didn't realize I was pregnant until about 5 weeks because I had spotting that looked a lot like a period. If I hadn't been undergoing fertility treatments it might have been a few more weeks before I missed another period and finally took a pregnancy test!
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