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    You were born to a rich Manhattan man and his artsy girlfriend. Your father s parents disapprove of the union, but, force them to marry. Your first name is the feminine version of your father s name and your middle name is your mother s maiden name.
    Your Name: Charlotte Morgan Brooks
    Your Father: Charles Brooks
    Your Mother: Evelyn Morgan-Brooks
    Your Paternal Grandfather: Anderson Brooks
    Your Paternal Grandmother:*Beverly Brooks

    Life goes on from there, until three days before your second birthday, your grandfather dies. Your father takes over the family company. As your father becomes more involved in the company, his marriage starts to fail. And when you are five, your parents get a divorce. Your mother leaves you in the care of your father, knowing that he can give you everything that you ll ever need. But, promise that she will come back.
    Flash forward thirteen years, you have grown up with nannies watching you, while your father works. You grow up with everything you ever wanted, you had all the best toys, went to the best schools, rubbed elbows with future senators, but, you never had a mother. You and closest friend decide to track down your mother.
    Your Closest*Friend s Name: Adara Marie Spencer

    You find your mother is living in South*Carolina. You and your friend travel down there. When you arrive at your mother s door, she is very exited to see you. Living with her is the love of her life, his daughter about your age, and their two kids.*
    Your mother s new husband: Jamison Danvers
    His daughter: Miranda Jane Danvers
    Their son: Michael Scott Danvers
    Their daughter: Myla Elle Danvers

    Your mother feels really bad for leaving you behind and wants to be a part of your life. But, you don t know if you can forgive her, for the past thirteen years of no contact.*
    (Here you have a choice, you can forgive your mother, and move down to South*Carolina*or you can not forgive her and stay in New*York.)
    You choice: (Whatever you decided, follow the path that goes with your choice)

    You decide to forgive your mother. Your mother is so happy that you did, thinking that you would not forgive her. She say that you can stay with her until you find a place. You become fast friends with you stepsister and half siblings. One day, you and your sister go out to a coffee house so she could help you with your first novel. The barista, is a cute boy with sandy curls, emerald eyes, and dimples. You stepsister introduce you as a old high school friend. After his shift, you two hang out and hit it off. You find out that he is a musician, but, wants to be a music teacher. You decide to give him a chance.
    The Barista Name: Vincent Elling

    You and you guy date for a while and before your 25th birthday, you find out you are pregnant. Your boyfriend is very exited and wants to get married. You rather wait and get married because you remember what happen to your parents. He promise that would happen because you and him have been together longer and he was going to propose anyway. You would have rather waited and had a more romantic proposes, but, life is never what you wanted. You get married when you are five months pregnant, in a small ceremony. And four months later, you give birth to a baby boy. You forgive your mother, your son s middle name is a masculine version of your mothers name.
    Your son s name: Toby Evan Elling

    You and your husband wait four years to even try to have another kid, so you could focus on your careers. Your husband talks you into just trying to have a kid and a you agree. Three months later, you find out you are pregnant again. He wants to find out the gender (because you didn t the first time), but, you liked not knowing. He let s off the issues and decides that you hope should come up with ideas for the baby s name, you even let you son join the fun.
    Your ideas: Logan or Harper
    Husband ideas: Trevor or Valentina
    Son*ideas: Griffin or Aria

    The day comes and this baby is a difficult one. Unlike your 1st birth, it is long and hard. But, at the end of you have a lil girl.*Even*after the long birth, you look into you daughter s eyes and clear as her fathers . Her first names must have the same meaning as her fathers and her middle names comes from the lists that you made.
    Her name: Cosette Harper Elling "Cosi"

    You feel like you have the family that you always wanted, but, you husband wants just one more and you say If it happens, it happens. And on your daughter s 1st day of school, you feel like you have the flu. But, you take a test just to be safe and find out that you are pregnant. You go to tell your husband the news, but, he tells you that he has been cheating on you and he feels terrible. You are not sure what to say or do because you had no idea. You tell he it s probably best if he leaves for a lil bit. Later, you go in for a check up and find out your pregnant with twins no less. Life just keeps getting better and better.

    (Again here is another choice; do you forgive you husband or do you tell him that you want to separate.)
    Your choice: Don’t forgive

    Either way, you give birth to two wonderful girls. You name them whatever you want, but, they must be matchy macthy first or middle name.
    Twins Girls Name: Isabella Hazel & Gabriella Esme

    The years go by and life moves on. And your family grows as well. Your son married his high school sweetheart and they have five kids. Your daughter life has been a little different, she got knock up at 16 and had a baby girl and raised her until she meet up with a widower that had three kids. They have been married for 25 years and had two more kids. Then there are your twins. They both did as the other did. All until the one got married and started having kids. Leaving the other all alone, she decide to work with the*Red*Cross. There she meet a wonderful man and have started a lil*Brad*and*Angelina*bunch. And 61 years after that fateful trip to see your mother, this your life and you wouldn t have in any other way.*

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