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    1. You are an eighteen year old high school senior named Kezia Sofia. You are an only child. Your parents are Danielle Lyn and Isaac Nash, but you're not as close to them as you were when you were little. You've been with the same boy, Jackson Grey, since you were sixteen, and the two of you have been best friends since you were in second grade. On the night of your homecoming dance, the two of you "go all the way" for the first time. Two months later, you find out you're pregnant after you vomit and faint in P.E. and are rushed to the hospital. The first person you tell is, of course, your boyfriend, who tells you he wants the baby and will do whatever he can to support you. You work up the courage to tell your parents. Unfortunately, they're not nearly as supportive and kick you out of the house. Your favorite aunt, Dianna, who was also a teenage mother with your cousin Stephani, takes you in.

    2. Over the next eight months, you and Jackson work diligently at school and at your after-school jobs. You wanted to find out the baby's gender, but your boyfriend convinced you it'll be more fun to be a surprise. Both of you have filled out your applications for college and were accepted into your chosen schools. You are going to Boston College and will be studying microbiology. However, tragedy strikes--while on your way home from a doctor's appointment, you and your boyfriend are hit by a drunk driver. Both your boyfriend and the other driver are killed. You survive, but the accident caused you to go into an early labor. At the hospital, your baby is delivered via emergency C-section. Your baby, a boy, makes it through and is born crying at the top of its lungs.
    What is your baby's name?
    Adonis Jackson

    3. You are devastated by the loss of your boyfriend, but are determined to provide for your child. You wrote a letter to your parents, to let them know you had your baby, but they never contacted you again. You keep in touch with your boyfriend's family, promising to visit with the child as often as you can. Your aunt, as always, is supportive and the three of you move into a small house in Goshen, MA, close to the college where you'll be going to. She watches the baby while you go to school during the day and work in the afternoons.
    What does your new house look like?

    4. In your second year of college, Adonis is now two years old. Your friends have set you up on dates, but you haven't had a real boyfriend in a long time. When the new semester starts, you have extra room for another class in your schedule, psychology, and you take it for the credits. The first thing you notice on the first day? Your professor, Brooks Alexander, who is absolutely gorgeous. Later that same day, you discover he has three-year-old boy/girl twins that are in the same daycare group as your child.
    What is the boy's name? Gabriel Thomas *Gabe*
    What is the girl's name? Alexis Caroline *Lexi*

    5. Psychology becomes your favorite subject. You and your professor grow closer during the projects and find yourself looking for the smallest excuses to talk to him. He knows you're a single mom and, suddenly, asks where Adonis's father is while the two of you are waiting to pick up your kids from daycare. You tell him that your child's father, Jackson, was killed in a car accident. Then, you ask him where the twins' mom is (you noticed he wasn't wearing a wedding band). He tells you that their mother, Alexandria, skipped out the year before and he hasn't heard from her since. The two of you bond and your kids get along great.

    6. You and your professor date for three years. He's like a dad to your child and you've taken on a motherly role in the lives of his twins. He proposes to you by having his twins and your son line up with the signs "Will," "You," and "Marry," and he comes in with the last sign - "Me" - and a ring. You're married only a few months later in a small church wedding that features your kids rather than you two. After your two-week long honeymoon in Scotland, the two of you buy a big house, then you adopt his kids and he adopts your child.
    What does your engagement ring look like?
    What does your wedding dress look like?
    What does your house look like?

    7. One year later, your child is six and the twins are seven. You become pregnant with you and DH's first biological child together. This baby is the opposite gender of your first child.
    What is the baby's name?
    Rosie Cordelia

    8. Two years later. Your children are nine, eight, and two. Both you and your husband were an only child, so you both love the idea of a big family and want to have as many kids as you can. You become pregnant on a date night with your husband.
    What is the baby's name?
    Madden Jacoby

    9. One year later. The kids are ten, nine, three, and one. You fall pregnant again with you and DH's third biological child. This baby is the opposite gender of your three-year-old.
    What is the baby's name?
    Aidyn Cassius

    10. Five years go by. Your kids are now fifteen, fourteen, eight, six, and five. You are now 32 and having a baby naturally won't be easy. You and your husband want just one more baby, so you turn to fertility treatments--and wind up with quadruplets! Two boys and two girls.
    What do you name baby boy #1? Embry James
    What do you name baby girl #1? Catriona Marit *Cate*
    What do you name baby boy #2? Beckett Augustine
    What do you name baby girl #2? Hope Nicasia

    You're done having kids! What are all your kids' names?
    Gabe & Lexi (16)
    Adonis (14)
    Rosie (9)
    Madden (6)
    Aidyn (5)
    Embry, Cate, Beckett, & Hope (8mos)

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