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    Detailed Harry Potter Generation CAF -- All-In-One w/ Dice



    Any and all physical descriptions are up to you if you wish to add them!

    You: Roll from the list above for names [62]
    Spouse: Roll from the list above for names [63]

    Roll 8-sided die for number of births.
    Roll 10-sided for each child: Odd - Boy; Even - Girl

    Roll 20-sided die twice for ages and add together. (If you get an age under 16, then add 20 to that age)
    For every child aged 25+, roll 6-sided die for their # of children.
    For every child aged 24 and under, roll 4-sided die for their # of children.

    Roll for gender and names as above. For granchildren ages, subtract 20 from the youngest parent's age and roll that die. (Note: You can do this by changing the number of sides on the last die.) Roll for their houses, wands, etc. if over 11. If they are under 11, roll for personality and names only.

    Roll for names (as many middle names as you want, can use the same list for mn or roll again):

    Roll 20-sided die 3 times for each person for personality:
    1. Adventurous
    2. Charming
    3. Cheerful
    4. Brave
    5. Determined
    6. Friendly
    7. Funny
    8. Imaginative
    9. Intelligent
    10. Kind
    11. Lazy
    12. Loyal
    13. Messy
    14. Mysterious
    15. Nervous
    16. Peaceful
    17. Shy
    18. Strange
    19. Wise
    20. Your Choice (Does not have to be listed above)

    Proceed only if the person is 11 or older:
    Roll 10-sided die for houses:
    1. Slytherin
    2. Ravenclaw
    3. Hufflepuff
    4. Gryffindor
    5. Your Choice
    6. Your Choice
    7. Hufflepuff
    8. Slytherin
    9. Gryffindor
    10. Ravenclaw

    Roll 8-sided die for blood status for both you and spouse (Roll for your children's spouses as well):
    1. Pure Blood
    2. Half-Blood
    3. Muggleborn
    4. Veela
    5. Giant
    6. Half-Blood
    7. Half either Veela, Giant, or Goblin (your choice)
    8. Quarter either Veela, Giant, or Goblin (your choice)

    Roll 20-sided die for Wand Wood:
    1. Alder
    2. Ash
    3. Walnut
    4. Rosewood
    5. Willow
    6. Vine
    7. Cedar
    8. Chestnut
    9. Cypress
    10. Cherry
    11. Fir
    12. Elm
    13. Ebony
    14. Hazel
    15. Holly
    16. Hawthorn
    17. Ivy
    18. Mahogany
    19. Maple
    20. Oak

    Roll 10-sided die for Wand Core:
    1. Dragon Heartstring
    2. Phoenix Feather
    3. Unicorn Tail
    4. Thestral Tail Hair
    5. Veela Hair
    6. White River Monster Spine
    7. Kelpie Mane
    8. Rougarou Hair
    9. Dittany Stalk
    10. Wampus Cat Hair

    Roll 10-sided die for Wand Length (You choose specifics e.g. 10 1/4):
    1-2. 8 inches and under
    3-4. 9-10 inches
    5-6. 11-12 inches
    7-8. 13-14 inches
    9-10. 15 inches and over

    Roll 10 sided die for Wand Flexibility
    1. Brittle
    2. Quite Flexible
    3. Quite Bendy
    4. Supple
    5. Pliant
    6. Hard
    7. Solid
    8. Stiff
    9. Rigid
    10. Unbending

    Roll 20-sided Die Twice for Best Subjects for Each Person:
    1. Potions
    2. Arithmancy
    3. Defense Against the Dark Arts
    4. Divination
    5. Ancient Runes
    6. Transfiguration
    7. Charms
    8. Care of Magical Creatures
    9. Herbology
    10. Muggle Studies
    11. History of Magic
    12. Astronomy
    13. Alchemy
    14. Apparition
    15. Frog Choir
    16. Magical Theory
    17. Ghoul Studies
    18. Xylomancy
    19. Muggle Art
    20. Muggle Music

    Roll for Patronus:
    1. Horned Animal
    2. Feathered/Winged Animal
    3. Rodent
    4. Magical Creature (e.g. phoenix, unicorn, etc.)
    5. Water Mammal (does not have to be exclusively aquatic)
    6. Land Mammal
    7. Your Choice
    8. Domesticated Animal (e.g. cat, dog, etc. can choose breed or type)
    9. Ancient Animal (e.g. wooly mammoth, dinosaurs, sabre-toothed cat, etc.)
    10. Your Choice

    Choose Careers for those 18+ from any of these (do not have to roll):

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    LN: Stewart

    DW: Esmeralda Celestia Stewart [62] -- Orchestra Conductor
    **Strange, Shy, Lazy
    **Half Veela
    **Mahogany, Veela Hair, 8 1/2 inches, Stiff
    **Xylomancy, Frog Choir
    **Mermaid Patronus
    DH: Everard Balthazar Stewart [63] -- Ancient Runes Professor
    **Charming, Adventurous, Mysterious
    **Quarter Giant
    **Ebony, Dittany Stalk, 12 3/4 inches, Stiff
    **Apparition, Ancient Runes
    **Hippo Patronus

    DD: Clementine Eloisa Cooke [37]
    -- Muggle Studies Professor
    **Kind, Intelligent, Wise
    **Quarter Veela, Quarter Giant
    **Cedar, White River Monster Spine, 10 1/4 inches, Hard
    **Muggle Music, Divination
    **Great Dane Patronus
    --DH: Rasmus Willem Cooke [37] -- Gardener
    **Shy, Imaginative, Peaceful
    **Fir, Dragon Heartstring, 14 1/4 inches, Supple
    **Herbology, History of Magic
    **Weasel Patronus
    ----DD: Aelia Ianthe Cooke [14]

    **Messy, Imaginative, Intelligent
    **Ebony, Veela Hair, 8 1/4 inches, Supple
    **Alchemy, Frog Choir
    **Wooly Mammoth Patronus
    ----DD: Andromeda Elaine Cooke [12]
    **Charming, Brave, Nervous
    **Hazel, Phoenix Feather, 11 1/2 inches, Quite Flexible
    **Frog Choir, Muggle Art
    **Stag Patronus
    ----DD: Alviva Belisent Cooke [12]
    **Adventurous, Peaceful, Kind
    **Vine, Thestral Tail Hair, 8 3/4 inches, Rigid
    **Ancient Runes, Astronomy
    **Goat Patornus
    ----DD: Aveza Cywa Cooke [5]
    **Shy, Adventurous, Intelligent
    ----DD: Ariel Rosalind Cooke [3]
    **Friendly, Funny, Peaceful

    DS: Peregrine Hugo Stewart [33] -- Alchemist
    **Adventurous, Lazy, Messy
    **Quarter Veela, Quarter Giant
    **Holly, Rougarou Hair, 11 1/2 inches, Supple
    **Alchemy, Potions
    **Sabre-Toothed Tiger Patronus
    --DW: Priscilla Iris Stewart nee Vane [33] -- Auror
    **Brave, Imaginative, Wise
    **Quarter Goblin
    **Vine, Thestral Tail Hair, 8 1/4 inches, Pliant
    **Muggle Music, DADA
    **Great White Shark Patronus
    ----DS: Edric Sylvester Stewart [13]
    **Cheerful, Kind, Peaceful
    **Fir, Unicorn Tail, 13 3/4 inches, Quite Bendy
    **DADA, Transfiguration
    **Tiger Patronus
    ----DD: Morwenna Isoline Stewart [11]
    **Messy, Cheerful, Nervous
    **Rosewood, Unicorn Tail, 10 1/2 inches, Rigid
    **Muggle Music, Divination
    **Jaguar Patronus
    ----DS: Perseus Tristan Stewart [8]
    **Cheerful, Brave, Nervous
    ----DD: Hortensia Clarimond Stewart [6]
    **Adventurous, Friendly, Funny
    ----DD: Theodosia Castilla Stewart [4]
    **Shy, Charming, Kind

    DD: Allegra Rosamund Collier nee Stewart [28] -- Artist
    **Messy, Nervous, Wise
    **Quarter Veela, Quarter Giant
    **Chestnut, Thestral Tail Hair, 15 1/4 inches, Quite Bendy
    **Muggle Art, Alchemy
    **Bull Patronus
    --DH: Alfred Sidney Collier [28] -- Department of Magical Education
    **Loyal, Mysterious, Strange
    **Maple, Thestral Tail Hair, 10 3/4 inches, Pliant
    **Muggle Music, Magical Theory
    **Velociraptor Patronus
    ----DS: Felix Hubert Collier [8]
    **Nervous, Strange, Cheerful
    ----DS: Jasper Cedric Collier [6]
    **Messy, Determined, Kind

    DD: Adeliza Victorine Collier [28] -- Potioneer
    **Adventurous, Mysterious, Strange
    **Quarter Veela, Quarter Giant
    **Holly, Phoenix Feather, 10 1/4 inches, Quite Flexible
    **Potions, Apparition
    **Unicorn Patronus
    --DH: Alonso Soren Collier [28] -- Hall of Prophecy
    **Messy, Cheerful, Brave
    **Cedar, Phoenix Feather, 12 3/4 inches, Hard
    **Ancient Runes, Xylomancy
    **Hawk Patronus
    ----DS: Linus Emilian Collier [5]
    **Intelligent, Nervous, Funny
    ----DD: Prudence Ivy Collier [4]
    **Intelligent, Friendly, Charming
    ----DD: Hestia Eulalia Collier [4]
    **Lazy, Funny, Nervous
    ----DD: Clio Melaina Collier [3]
    **Messy, Lazy, Adventurous
    ----DD: Junia Prisca Collier [2]
    **Kind, Determined, Peaceful
    ----DS: Orion Fenrir Collier [2]
    **Intelligent, Nervous, Adventurous

    DS: Gawain Pryderi Stewart [27] -- Spirit Divison
    **Determined, Funny, Friendly
    **Quarter Veela, Quarter Giant
    **Mahogany, Dragon Heartstring, 15 inches, Rigid
    **Ghoul Studies, Divination
    **Sphinx Patronus
    --DW: Demitria Ursuline Stewart [27] -- Spirit Divison
    **Strange, Charming, Adventurous
    **Elm, Dittany Stalk, 14 1/4 inches, Solid
    **Ghoul Studies, Muggle Music
    **Leopard Patronus
    ----DS: Ruan Alphius Stewart [7]
    **Friendly, Peaceful, Determined
    ----DD: Elysant Liveva Stewart [5]
    **Intelligent, Kind, Lazy
    ----DD: Odilia Savina Stewart [4]
    **Messy, Brave, Cheerful
    ----DS: Rufus Aldo Stewart [3]
    **Messy, Nervous, Loyal

    DS: Leonides Cyprian Stewart [27] -- Being Division
    **Shy, Mysterious, Loyal
    **Quarter Veela, Quarter Giant
    **Oak, Dittany Stalk, 9 3/4 inches, Hard
    **Ghoul Studies, Care of Magical Creatures
    **Dophin Patronus
    --DW: Cressida Vivienne Stewart [27] -- Astronomer
    **Mysterious, Charming, Funny
    **Hawthorn, Dragon Heartstring, 13 1/4 inches, Rigid
    **Astronomy, Charms
    **Ram Patronus
    ----DD: Electra Circe Stewart [6]
    **Adventurous, Shy, Wise
    ----DS: Edward Cecil Stewart [2]
    **Lazy, Charming, Friendly
    ----DS: Eryx Silvius Stewart [1]
    **Brave, Shy, Loyal

    DS: Ivan Cornelius Stewart [24] -- Animagus Registrar
    **Imaginative, Wise, Shy
    **Quarter Veela, Quarter Giant
    **Walnut, Rougarou Hair, 15 1/4 inches, Pliant
    **Transfiguration, Ancient Runes
    **Rhinocerus Patronus
    --DW: Verity Imogen Stewart [24] -- Obliviator
    **Mysterious, Peaceful, Cheerful
    **Rosewood, Thestral Tail Hair, 11 1/2 inches, Pliant
    **Astronomy, Charms
    **Rat Patronus
    ----DS: Darius Albion Stewart [4]
    **Funny, Kind, Friendly
    ----DS: Casimir Everard Stewart [4]
    **Messy, Shy, Intelligent
    ----DS: Cephas Tarquin Stewart [3]
    **Imaginative, Intelligent, Lazy
    ----DS: Ulric Octavius Stewart [2]
    **Adventurous, Lazy, Loyal

    DS: Caspar Theophilus Stewart [23] -- Beast Division
    **Nervous, Strange, Loyal
    **Quarter Veela, Quarter Giant
    **Cedar, Unicorn Tail, 10 1/2 inches, Supple
    **Care of Magical Creatures, Divination
    **Antelope Patronus
    --DW: Zenobia Morrigan Stewart [23] -- Frog Choir Professor
    **Kind, Nervous, Mysterious
    **Holly, White River Monster Spine, 10 1/2 inches, Pliant
    **Frog Choir, Charms
    **Mouse Patronus
    ----DD: Cassia Sabina Stewart [2]
    **Mysterious, Intelligent, Loyal
    ----DS: Cyrus Elian Stewart [2]
    **Intelligent, Cheerful, Brave
    ----DS: Caelum Sirius Stewart [1]
    **Funny, Intelligent, Mysterious

    DD: Tabitha Gwendoline Barnes [22] -- Hall of Prophecy
    **Imaginative, Strange, Kind
    **Quarter Veela, Quarter Giant
    **Walnut, Dittany Stalk, 10 1/2 inches, Quite Flexible
    **Divination, Arithmancy
    **Chameleon Patronus
    --DH: Phineas Victor Barnes [22] -- Floo Network Authority
    **Messy, Nervous, Loyal
    **Mahogany, Dittany Stalk, 11 inches, Stiff
    **Divination, Apparition
    **Siamese Cat Patronus
    ----DD: Lavinia Beatrice Barnes [2]
    **Wise, Friendly, Mysterious
    ----DD: Laelia Mariana Barnes [2]
    **Imaginative, Mysterious, Strange
    ----DD: Luna Astrid Barnes [2]
    **Adventurous, Messy, Kind

    DD: Everalda Sophronia Abbott [20] -- Healer
    **Kind, Cheerful, Friendly
    **Quarter Veela, Quarter Giant
    **Chestnut, Rougarou Hair, 10 3/4 inches, Solid
    **Herbology, Charms
    **Wolf Patronus
    --DH: George Frederick Abbott [20] -- International Magical Office of Law
    **Brave, Determined, Friendly
    **Chestnut, Wampus Cat Hair, 10 1/2 inches, Stiff
    **History of Magic, Divination
    **Dragon Patronus
    ----DS: Leon Alastor Abbott [nb]
    **Shy, Adventurous, Intelligent
    ----DD: Julia Alethea Abbott [nb]
    **Determined, Lazy, Mysterious

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    You: Clara Jenny Rhoda Payne Atkinson [62] (loyal, determined, brave) Slytherin, half-blood, alder wood, rougarou hair, 9 3/4 inches, rigid, Care of Magical Creatures, Ghoul Studies, dog patronus, Invisibility Task Force of the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes
    Spouse: Caliban Nash *Cal* Atkinson [63] (cheerful, friendly, messy) Gryffindor, half-blood, cedar wood, white river monster spine, 14 1/2 inches, supple, Transfiguration, Apparition, cat patronus, Spirit Division of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures

    34 - Peregrine Titus *Penn* Atkinson (cheerful, friendly, peaceful) Hufflepuff, half-blood, rosewood wood, white river monster spine, 10 1/4 inches, quite bendy, Herbology, Muggle Studies, rhino patronus, Broom Regulatory Control of the Department of Magical Transportation
    33 - Margot Linnea Burgess Atkinson (intelligent, nervous, wise) Gryffindor, muggle-born, cherry wood, unicorn tail, 10 1/2 inches, hard, Magical Theory, Charms, manatee patronus, Member of the Committee on Experimental Charms
    -5 - Oisin Peredur Atkinson (friendly, loyal, intelligent)

    28 - Bosten Kenting Atkinson (charming, peaceful, wise) Ravenclaw, half-blood, elm wood, phoenix feather, 13 3/4 inches, brittle, Ancient Runes, Astronomy, owl patronus, Junior Assistant to the Minister of Magic
    25 - Alba Junia Doyle Atkinson (determined, kind, lazy) Ravenclaw, pure blood, rosewood wood, white river monster spine, 8 1/2 inches, supple, Ancient Runes, Muggle Music, horse patronus, Auror Office of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement
    -4 - Giles Augustus Atkinson (brave, cheerful, nervous)
    -3 - Vivienne Sabina Atkinson (friendly, funny, imaginative)
    Ansel Paladin, Augustus Oak, Christian Laszlo, Elliot Nile, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Remington, Julian Denali, Otto River, Ronan Jeffrey, Theodore Rune
    Esmae Sakura, Evangeline Coral, Hazel Amity, Heidi Snow, Hermione Mabel, Linnea Valkyrie, Oona Bliss, Phoebe Calla, Scarlet Peace, Thisbe Margaret

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    Ariadne Guinevere Cross, née Evans, 62
    + brave, imaginative, friendly
    + Gryffindor
    + half-blood
    + mahogany and thestral tail hair, 14 inches, hard
    + rabbit patronus
    + best subjects: transfiguration & magical theory
    Louis Maxwell Cross, 63
    + kind, funny, loyal
    + Slytherin
    + half-blood
    + cypress and white river monster spine, 11 1/2 inches, stiff
    + sabre-toothed tiger patronus
    + best subjects: astronomy & alchemy
    Adeliza Clarimond Cross, 39
    + wise, determined, kind
    + Slytherin
    + rosewood and rougarou hair, 9 inches, brittle
    + fox patronus
    + best subjects: apparition & divination
    Aurelian Lancelot Cross, 29
    + lazy, cheerful, charming
    + Hufflepuff
    + rosewood and thestral tail hair, 10 1/4 inches, flexible
    + grizzly bear patronus
    + best subjects: magical theory & history of magic
    Victorine Hesper Cross, 22
    + charming, messy, peaceful
    + Gryffindor
    + holly and unicorn hair, 9 3/4 inches, rigid
    + seal patronus
    + best subjects: Muggle studies & Muggle art
    Cyprian Octavius Cross, 22
    + loyal, friendly, imaginative
    + Ravenclaw
    + cherry and veela hair, 16 inches, pliant
    + terrier patronus
    + best subjects: Muggle art & charms
    Philemon Leonidas Cross, 21
    + charming, adventurous, intelligent
    + Slytherin
    + vine and phoenix feather, 7 1/2 inches, flexible
    + mouse patronus
    + best subjects: ghoul studies & history of magic
    Everalda Medora Cross, 19
    + strange, shy, intelligent
    + Ravenclaw
    + mahogany and dittany stalk, 13 inches, unbending
    + unicorn patronus
    + best subjects: Muggle art & potions
    Theodorine Pandora Cross, 18
    + wise, funny, determined
    + Gryffindor
    + maple and dragon heartstring, 15 inches, flexible
    + phoenix patronus
    + best subjects: frog choir & potions
    thespian teenberry
    Cecelia Kate "Celie" . Aurelia Tess "Rory" . Ivy Astoria . Victoria Cairo . Ezra Louis . Henry Theodore "Enzo" . William Thayer "Will" . Jasper Gray
    Rose | Alice | Aurelia | Keva | Victoria | Catherine | Ivy | Tess | Nova | Astoria | Rory
    Jasper | Will | Rory | Theo | Milo | Gray | Silas | Roman | August
    vote on my names here <3

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    LN: Burgess

    DW: Geraldine Rametta {Jenkins} Burgess, 62, leader of the Committee on Experimental Charms
    -blonde, wavy hair
    -brown eyes
    -Strange, kind, and artistic
    -half Veela
    -walnut wood, Veela hair core, 13 and 2/8 inches, quite bendy
    -Herbology and Charms
    -Hornet patronus
    DH: Quintus Deorstan Burgess, 63, worker in the Portkey Office
    -brown, curly hair
    -brown eyes
    -Friendly, strange, and loyal
    -half blood
    -cherry wood, Rougarou hair core, 14 inches, brittle
    -Xylomancy and Muggle Art
    -rhinoceros patronus

    DD: Euthalia Maelys {Burgess} Barton, 33, Reporter for the Daily Prophet
    -blonde, wavy hair
    -brown eyes
    -Brave, determined, mysterious
    -half wizard, quarter Veela, quarter Muggle
    -rosewood, dittany stalk core, 13 and 1/4 inches, brittle
    -Herbology and transfiguration
    -peacock patronus
    -DH: Oberon Caelum Barton, 35, Professor of Divination at Hogwarts
    -black, straight hair
    -grey eyes
    -Adventurous, messy, mysterious
    -rosewood, white river monster spine core, 7 and 13/16 inches, solid
    -Divination and ghoul studies
    -antelope patronus

    DS: Garton Amias Barton, 13 {twins with Rasmus}
    -blonde, straight hair
    -brown eyes
    -Brave, loyal, messy
    -half wizard, three eighths muggle, one eight Veela
    -hazel wood, white river monster spine core, 11 and 1/2 inches, quite flexible
    -Charms and alchemy
    -guinea pig patronus
    DS: Rasmus Enrico Barton, 13 {twins with Garton}
    -blonde, straight hair
    -brown eyes
    -determined, brave, and kind
    -half wizard, three eighths muggle, one eight Veela
    -mahogany wood, white river monster spine core, 6 and 2/3 inches, supple
    -Ancient Runes and magical theory
    DD: Sativola Eugenie Barton, 12
    -black, curly hair
    -grey eyes
    -lazy, mysterious, and nervous
    -half wizard, three eighths muggle, one eight Veela
    -mahogany wood, dragon heartstring core, 11 and 1/14 inches, brittle
    -Care of Magical Creatures and muggle art
    -antelope patronus
    DS: Indus Crallo Barton, 11
    -black, straight hair
    -brown eyes
    -Charming, nervous, and strange
    -half wizard, three eighths muggle, one eighth Veela
    -fir wood, Veela hair core, 11 and 3/5 inches, stiff
    -Potions and muggle studies
    -frog patronus
    Novelist, self proclaimed name enthusiast, and lover of both common and uncommon names.

    CURRENT FAVES (change very often).

    Queens: Zipporah, Hadley, Thomasina, Umbria, Mae, Johanna, Valencia, Roisin, Siobhan, Elysia

    Kings: Carlisle, Braxton, James, Uriah, Tobias, Obadiah, Joseph, Lukas, Osias, Doone, Edmond, Delbert, Ezekiel, Sampson

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