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    Finally have that baby girl.


    I'm lurk more than I participate but wanted to share that our baby girl, Addison Jayne, arrived June 17th, joining big brother Matthew Allen.

    When we first found out we were pregnant we *knew* we were having another boy. This started huge, huge, huge name battles. I'm talking screaming matches over names. We couldn't decide on anything. Any name I liked, he knew someone with that name and nixed it, and vice versa. It was bad.

    Finally in February I had my anatomy scan and when the tech said, "I know what you're having, are you ready?" we both tensed up. When she said, "It's a girl!" I started to cry (while my husband proceeded to say, "Where?", lol). My tears were not tears of joy, they were tears of more name battles!

    We had a few girl names we were throwing around. We both wanted a strong name. Something that would be a good adult name. I have always loved the name Madison and wanted to have a Matty and Madi (yes, I'm weird). However, that was ten years ago (my son will be 10 in August). Madison is very common around here now (East Coast, US). So I thought about Addison and miraculously we were able to agree on it.

    The middle name, Jayne, took a bit of work. Our last name starts with an S and with an A first name, we could not have an S middle name. I also wanted to have a name that we could to a two-initial nickname, so I picked J (for AJ). That narrowed down the choices even more. Our last name is also long, so I wanted to keep the middle name short. I had suggested Jane, but my husband wasn't happy with that, then suggested Jayne a month or two later. So that was that.

    We had kept the first name a secret from just about everyone, while the middle name was a secret from everyone. I did it more because I don't like when people comment on a name that you love. I've been surprised at how many people have commented positively on the name. I know they won't tell you that they hate it, but we've gotten a lot of unsolicited positive feedback which makes me feel really good about the name choice.


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    Re: Finally have that baby girl.

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    Re: Finally have that baby girl.

    Congratulations on the birth of Addison Jayne!! Thank you for sharing your name journey with us and being part of nameberry even though you didn't post till now. Naming can be a very emotional experience, and I am so pleased that both you and DH love her name after all that upheaval, best wishes to you all.

    Mathew and Addison make a great sibset.

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