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    I think if your last name has 3 syllables, then u should go with Lila Jayne. The others seem to be too much of a mouthful with a 3 syl. last name. I'm actually having the same trouble with naming my third daughter. My family's opinion has gotten in the middle of my husband and my decision making skills. Advice to us has been to go with what we want and reveal the name to others after the baby arrives. Afterall, you two are the parents and once everyone meets the baby, all the name drama will be over Good luck!

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    Genevieve Jayne just doesn't sound right- especially if she went by a nickname (Ginny Jayne? Evie Jayne? Nooo) I agree with the above, Lila Jayne or Lila Josephine Jayne would be best

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    I like Lila Genevieve Jayne.

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    Considering you have a daughter named Elliot I would go with Lila. Elliot is more trendy and modern, especially on a girl, where Genevieve is more traditional and Lila(h) has that modern feel to it.

    I really like Lila Josephine but Lila Genevieve sounds just as nice and since you can't use genevieve as a middle stick with Josephine. Is there anyone else in your family tree you could use besides Genevieve?

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