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    Your Daycare Kids

    Hi, I am Mr./Miss/Mrs _________________
    I work at ________ Daycare Center in ______________________.

    Directions: Open a new tab to use the links to see the pictures of the kids. Then name the kids, give them ages, and if you want, give them brothers or sisters.





















    Hope you had fun! (Please note that the students are in boy-girl order. All photos from
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    Re: Your Daycare Kids

    Hi, I am Miss Ellen Louise Montgomery
    I work at Sunshine Daycare Center in Portland.

    Directions: Open a new tab to use the links to see the pictures of the kids. Then name the kids, give them ages, and if you want, give them brothers or sisters.

    1. Lucy Elinor Mayhew (5), sister to Alice Margaret and James Addison

    2. Malachi John Aston (3), brother to Enoch Paul

    3. Junia Sophie (20 months)

    4. Charlie Robinson Watts (2), brother to Poppy Valentine

    5. Alma Elisabeth Kearney (19 months), sister to Lena Catherine, Mira Josephine, Nella Lucille, and Vita Genevieve

    6. Oscar Sebastian Mead(15 months), brother to Leonor Adelaide and Archer Maximilian

    7. Perla Rosalie Monteverde (2), sister to Leon Santiago

    8. Archer Maximilian Mead (3), brother to Leonor Adelaide and Oscar Sebastian

    9. Gia Magdalene Havers (8 months)

    10. Gus Rutherford Olson (18 months), brother to Hal Templeton

    11. Salome Anais Lumier (4), sister to Mael Andre and Isabeau Renee

    12. Gavin Jacob (3)

    13. Paisley Marion (3), sister to Theo Gregory

    14. Madden Myles (13 months), brother to Birdie Bethany

    15. India Frances (2), sister to Mannix John and Harper Violet

    16. Ezra William (3), brother to Boaz Nathaniel, Gideon Charles, Talitha Lois, Zipporah Ruth, Asher David, Joel Matthew, and Priscilla Jael

    17. Mei An Feng (2), sister to Lan Ming and Chao Hai

    18. Eliot Blaise Harris (16 months), brother to Owen Luke

    19. Imogen Faye Newall (2), sister to Tamsin Rose and Thomas Blake

    20. Marco Edward (2)

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    Re: Your Daycare Kids

    Hi, I am Miss Brooke
    I work at Apple Bay Daycare Center in Columbus, OH.

    Directions: Open a new tab to use the links to see the pictures of the kids. Then name the kids, give them ages, and if you want, give them brothers or sisters.

    1.Name- Lainey Adison.
    Sister to; Jackson Wren & Elise Joanna

    2.Name- Tannor Michael
    Age- 3
    Brother to; Scarlett Madelaine

    3. Name- Arabella Jayne

    4. Name- Asher Jex
    Brother to; Ramona Antoinette

    5. Name- Lilliana Emery
    Age-20 mo.

    6. Name- Caleb Aidan
    Age- 19 mo.
    brother to; Lucy Alexandra, Lola Aniston, & Lena Annabella

    7. Name- Maya Elisabeth
    Age- 2
    sister to; Nathaniel Drake & Nico Tyler

    9. Name- Natasha Ava
    Age- 4 mo.

    10. Name- Elijah Malik
    Age- 3 mo

    11. Name- Leanna Charlotte
    sister to; Natalia Caroline

    12. Name- Spencer Jaden
    Age- 2
    Brother to; Marco Walter, Ezra Gregory, Ryder Marcus, Seraphina Evangeline, & Kaden Emmett

    13. Name- Tara Evalina
    Age- 2
    Sister to; Poppy Mirella & Isla Elodie

    14. Name- Connor Stephen
    Age- 1

    15. Stella Reese (2) Sister to; Zayne Alexander

    16. Owen (4) Brother to; Isabella Violet

    17. Gionna Liu (1) Sister to; Garret Wu

    18. Tyler Ericson( 21 mo)

    19. Quinn Amelia (3) sister to; Kevin Rocco

    20. Owen Cristofer Benjamin (4) brother to; Maggie Elizabeth Layne, & Kyle Leonardo Gregory
    Mommy of Aubrie Skye & Kenzey Noelle
    baby girl #3 on the way(:

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    Re: Your Daycare Kids

    Hi, I am Miss. Katelyn Grace Marsen "Katie"
    I work at Wave Lengths Daycare Center in Seattle.

    1. Sophia Paige Hallwood "Sophie" (Laila's sister)

    2. Elliot John Schillon (Noah & Hunter's brother)

    3. Lola Elise Pierce

    4. Seamus Alexander Mackville "Sea"

    5. Jillian Kate Oswell "Jilly" (Carolyn's sister)

    6. Hunter William Schillon (Noah & Elliot's brother)

    7. Laila Rose Hallwood (Sohpia's sister)

    8. Noah Thomas Schillon (Hunter & Elliot's brother)

    9. Gia Noelle Fairhaven (Matteo's sister)

    10. Olivia Rae Carmichael "Livia"

    11. Jessamine Clare Tennel "Jessa"

    12. Nathaniel George Porter "Nate"

    13. Daniela Selene Worthington "Dani" (Linley & Cormac's sister)

    14. Cormac Yale Worthington "Cory" (Linley & Daniela's brother)

    15. Linley Eve Worthington (Cormac & Daniela's sister)

    16. Matteo Gray Fairhaven (Gia's brother)

    17. Baya Rose Chang

    18. Isaiah Dean Arlington "Saiah"

    19. Carolyn Jane Oswell "Cara" (Jillian's sister)

    20. Rainier Clayton Gage

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    Re: Your Daycare Kids

    Hi, I am Miss Katya Ashley Ellison
    I work at Sunny Day Daycare Center in Delaware.

    1. Samantha Harlow(7) sister to Lincoln Archer(12) and Chloe Autumn(11)

    2. Chet Winston(2) brother to Lilith Winona(3) "Lily"

    3. Miley Vanessa(23 months) sister to Aiden Luke(12)

    4. Allen Christopher(3) brother to Charlotte May(1 month old)

    5. Goldie Cordelia(22 months) sister to Phineas Brock(4)

    6. Chester Liam(17 months)

    7. Abigail Sophie(15 months) sister to Noah Brandon(4)

    8. Andrew Thomas(12 months)

    9. Anna Hermione(7 months) sister to Jocelyn Eliza(4)

    10. Kyle Nathan(18 months)

    11. Jocelyn Eliza(4) sister to Anna Hermione(7 months)

    12. Griffin Alistair(3)

    13. Helena Piper(3 1/2)

    14. Troy Elijah(11 months)

    15. Lilith Winona(3) "Lily" sister to Chet Winston(2)

    16. Noah Brandon(4) brother to Abigail Sophie(15 months)

    17. Violet Andrea(22 months)

    18. Sampson Noel(13 months) & Keith Stanley(15)

    19. Sadie Rhiannon(2) sister to Griffin Elijah(4), Rodger Falcon(9), & Zeke Elias(7)

    20. Griffin Elijah(4) brother to Sadie Rhiannon(2), Rodger Falcon(9), & Zeke Elias(7)

    Hope you had fun!
    ~Dayton.22.Auntie to Cruz Marcel & Aylah Hope Catherine~
    {Pandora Mary Dove} {Soul Wilhelmina Dear} {Saskia Edith Muse} {Zelda Mariam Opal} {Hadassah Yvette Wildrose}
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