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    Name the employees :) (initials)

    Use these FN, MN, LN initials to name everyone at this company. Don't forget to name the corporation itself. You choose which are women vs. men and can add ages, personas, pics -- have fun!

    Company Name: LBC
    Owner/Founder: RHI
    President: OTI
    Secretary to the President: XCR
    Chief Financial Officer: YOP
    Finance Secretary: NSH
    VP of Accounting: GWX
    Manager of Accounting: JZA
    Financial Accountant 1: PUJ
    Financial Accountant 2: KAB
    Financial Advisor: QGH
    Internal Auditor: YDS
    Accounting Intern: XNO
    Chief Executive Officer: ZET
    Executive Secretary: AFU
    VP of Business: MCD
    Manager of Acquisitions: QVK
    Lead Buyer: FVW
    Assistant Buyer: BGV
    Manager of Sales: CHW
    Sales Rep 1: IYZ
    Sales Rep 2: PFG
    Sales Rep 3: MRG
    CRM Manager: RWL
    CSR 1: DTU
    CSR 2: NDE
    Human Resources Manager: SXM
    HR Assistant: DIX
    Chief Marketing Officer: EJY
    Marketing Secretary: WMN
    VP of Marketing: HXY
    Editor/Proofer: SIJ
    Brand Manager: CST
    Social Media Rep: ZPQ
    Graphic Designer: INC
    Web Content Rep: FKZ
    Advertising Manager: OEF
    Media Buyer: TYN
    Graphic Designer: GLA
    Chief Information Officer: TJK
    Information Secretary: HMB
    VP of Information Tech: JOD
    IT Manager: UZO
    IT Tech 1: EUV
    IT Tech 2: BRS
    IT Intern: TLC
    VP of Analytics: UKL
    Database Manager: CLT
    Analyst 1: SMD
    Analyst 2: KPE
    General Receptionist: VAP
    Custodial Staff (4):

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    Company Name: Lowell-Barrett Corporation
    Owner/Founder: Richard Hilyard Ingram III (88yo)
    President: Oliver Thomas Ingram (58 yo)
    Secretary to the President: Ximena Cressida Reyes (21yo)
    Chief Financial Officer: Yvonne Olivia Pritchett (33yo)
    Finance Secretary: Nathaniel Sean Howe (27yo)
    VP of Accounting: Greyson Wyatt Xanadu (48yo)
    Manager of Accounting: Jacquelin Zoe Aldridge (29yo)
    Financial Accountant 1: Prestley Uma Janek (22 yo)
    Financial Accountant 2: Kimball Adam Brennan (28 yo)
    Financial Advisor: Quinton Gregory Hyatt (36 yo)
    Internal Auditor: Yasmin Delilah Sanchez (50 yo)
    Accounting Intern: Xeraphim Noelle Orlosky (20 yo)
    Chief Executive Officer: Zechariah Elliott Tracy (44 yo)
    Executive Secretary: Adler Finn Underwood (23 yo)
    VP of Business: Marcelline Cambria Davenport (37 yo)
    Manager of Acquisitions: Quincee Vera Kilgore (28 yo)
    Lead Buyer: Frederico Valor Wilmer (33 yo)
    Assistant Buyer: Burke Gibson VanMaar (41 yo)
    Manager of Sales: Calista Heidi Wilson (29 yo)
    Sales Rep 1: Isobel Ybara Zeller (33 yo)
    Sales Rep 2: Palmer Franz Galman (52 yo)
    Sales Rep 3: Mitchell Reid Gunther (39 yo)
    CRM Manager: Remy Willow Ladimir (25 yo)
    CSR 1: Dansie Tatum Ulrich (23 yo)
    CSR 2: Nixon Dallas Ericson (31 yo)
    Human Resources Manager: Stuart Xander Maxwell (55 yo)
    HR Assistant: Demetria Imara Xanadu (24 yo)
    Chief Marketing Officer: Esme Jacinta Youngman (41 yo)
    Marketing Secretary: Wendell Myron Neeley (39 yo)
    VP of Marketing: Haden Xavier Yerbo (30 yo)
    Editor/Proofer: Sofia Ivy Jacobsen (22 yo)
    Brand Manager: Cassia Susette Townsend (30 yo)
    Social Media Rep: Zane Preston Queens (21 yo)
    Graphic Designer: Isley Noah Culver (24 yo)
    Web Content Rep: Francesca Kelcyn Zimmerman (30 yo)
    Advertising Manager: Oakley Eleanore Fritz (36 yo)
    Media Buyer: Trevin Yvan Niklaus (29 yo)
    Graphic Designer: Gabriel Lucas Avery (40 yo)
    Chief Information Officer: Tesla Judith King (36 yo)
    Information Secretary: Hadley Maia Bronson (29 yo)
    VP of Information Tech: Judd Orson Derricks (33 yo)
    IT Manager: Umi Zak Otsuka (41 yo)
    IT Tech 1: Emery Umera Vincent (28 yo)
    IT Tech 2: Bayla Rose Sarpeci (25 yo)
    IT Intern: Talon Lux Cramer (20 yo)
    VP of Analytics: Urias Konor Lyle (59 yo)
    Database Manager: Christine Leigh Travers (51 yo)
    Analyst 1: Simone Michelle Dunn (47 yo)
    Analyst 2: Kenneth Patrick Elfman (41 yo)
    General Receptionist: Vaughn Aphram Penn (22 yo)
    Custodial Staff (4):
    Veda Louise Marcosi (32 yo)
    Annabel Quincee Ramos (29 yo)
    Landon Quinn Forsythe (44 yo)
    Warren Baxter Qualstaff (35 yo)

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    Company Name: Lions and Bears Corporation.
    Owner/Founder: Richard Henry Iacono.
    President: Ophelia Tamsine Iacono.
    Secretary to the President: Xaviera Cameron Rivers.
    Chief Financial Officer: Yousef Olivier Porter.
    Finance Secretary: Nicole Susan Hargreaves.
    VP of Accounting: George William Xavier.
    Manager of Accounting: Julia Zenobia Anderson.
    Financial Accountant 1: Penelope Ursule Jameson.
    Financial Accountant 2: Kevin Alexander Barnaby.
    Financial Advisor: Quentin Gregory Hardy. http://ioneglobalgrind.files.wordpre...uio1_1280.jpeg
    Internal Auditor: Yelena Danielle Saunders.
    Accounting Intern: Xander Nathaniel O'Brien.
    Chief Executive Officer: Zacharias Edmond Thompson.
    Executive Secretary: Amelia Frances Umber.
    VP of Business: Michael Christopher Daily.
    Manager of Acquisitions: Quincy Victoria Ketchum.
    Lead Buyer: Flavia Victorine Willows.
    Assistant Buyer: Brian Gregor Vincent.
    Manager of Sales: Cressida Hannelore Williams.
    Sales Rep 1: Isabelle Yasmine Zandrews.
    Sales Rep 2: Peter Felix Graham.
    Sales Rep 3: Michaela Renee Grisham.
    CRM Manager: Ronald Wilhelm Leonard.
    CSR 1: Declan Theodore Upton.
    CSR 2: Nadia Danielle Edwards.
    Human Resources Manager: Sebastian Xavier Monfils.
    HR Assistant: Danica Izabelle Xaviero.
    Chief Marketing Officer: Edmund James Yoland.
    Marketing Secretary: Walter Matthew Nathanson.
    VP of Marketing: Helena Xiomara York.
    Editor/Proofer: Samuel Isidore Jamison.
    Brand Manager: Cassandra Samantha Tomlinson. https://editorinchicblog.files.wordp..._400.jpg?w=529
    Social Media Rep: Zoe Persephone Quillan.
    Graphic Designer: Isaiah Noel Camden.
    Web Content Rep: Felicia Katherine Zephyr.
    Advertising Manager: Owen Edmond Fortunata.
    Media Buyer: Thalia Yasmin Nolan.
    Graphic Designer: Georgia Leonore Andrews.
    Chief Information Officer: Timothy Jonathan Kelton.
    Information Secretary: Hannah Marie Braxton.
    VP of Information Tech: Jacob Oliver Dunham.
    IT Manager: Uziah Zachariah Okram.
    IT Tech 1: Elliott Ulysses Voskers.
    IT Tech 2: Brendon Roland Sampson.
    IT Intern: Tabitha Leigh Carroway.
    VP of Analytics: Ursula Katharine Leone.
    Database Manager: Christian Lionel Torque.
    Analyst 1: Savannah Mary Diamond.
    Analyst 2: Kelsey Paige Eduard.
    General Receptionist: Victor Alexander Parsons.
    Custodial Staff (4):
    Vincent Leonardo Michels.
    Alistair Quinton Rising.
    Liam Quarth Ferdinand.
    Willum Bryant Queens.

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    Company Name: Leystone-Briar Corporation
    Owner/Founder: Robert Horatio Irvine
    President: Olivia Tatiana Igaard
    Secretary to the President: Xanthia Carmen Ramos
    Chief Financial Officer: Yuki Ohara Peng
    Finance Secretary: Niels Sebastian Hart
    VP of Accounting: George William Xanders
    Manager of Accounting: Jeremy Zane Archer
    Financial Accountant 1: Penelope Ursula Jackson
    Financial Accountant 2: Kathryn Amy Bluth
    Financial Advisor: Quincy Graham Hayes
    Internal Auditor: Yasmine Daria Simpson
    Accounting Intern: Xia Nicole Owens
    Chief Executive Officer: Zoey Ellen Tucker
    Executive Secretary: Ashley Fiona Underwood
    VP of Business: Micah Cedric Davies
    Manager of Acquisitions: Quentin Vincent Keith
    Lead Buyer: Francesca Valerie Warren
    Assistant Buyer: Bryan Gregory Vaughn
    Manager of Sales: Candace Hollie Walsh
    Sales Rep 1: Ivan York Zaderman
    Sales Rep 2: Peter Frederick Goldsmith
    Sales Rep 3: Mariah Renee Glasswell
    CRM Manager: Ross William Leighton
    CSR 1: Daniela Terese Ullington
    CSR 2: Neve Darcy Ellis
    Human Resources Manager: Susannah Xara Marcos
    HR Assistant: David Ian Xeus
    Chief Marketing Officer: Elisabeth Jennifer Yaxley
    Marketing Secretary: Winifred Mary Noakes
    VP of Marketing: Harold Xander Young
    Editor/Proofer: Saskia Ilona Jebenski
    Brand Manager: Clyde Samyel Turner
    Social Media Rep: Zadie Prudence Quinn
    Graphic Designer: Isobel Nadine Cox
    Web Content Rep: Felipe Kristian Zargo
    Advertising Manager: Oscar Emmanuel Fernandez
    Media Buyer: Tamara Ysabel Neuman
    Graphic Designer: Grayson Luke Arthurs
    Chief Information Officer: Timothy John Kelly
    Information Secretary: Haley Miranda Bevan
    VP of Information Tech: Joseph Owen Donnelly
    IT Manager: Uriah Zaden O'Malley
    IT Tech 1: Erica Una Vincent
    IT Tech 2: Bill Robert Smith
    IT Intern: Tiffany Lynn Cartwright
    VP of Analytics: Umar Kassem Lejem
    Database Manager: Cora Lorraine Tully
    Analyst 1: Sandra Megan Dawson
    Analyst 2: Kenneth Peter Ealing
    General Receptionist: Vanessa Amanda Prince
    Custodial Staff (4):
    Valerie Louise Mitchell
    Albert Quincy Reeves
    Lisa Quinn Farrow
    Wendy Bernadette Quantum
    20 year old name lover from England

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    James, Ezra, Theodore, Edward, Jude, Gabriel, Owen, Arthur, Miles, Nathaniel
    Eden, Adelaide, Matilda, Phoebe, Lydia, Ruby, Scarlett, Emilia, Madeleine

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    Company Name: Luxxe Builders Cooperation
    Owner/Founder: Robert Henry Ingram Sr. 55
    President: Otis Timothy Ingram 57
    Secretary to the President: Xena Christine Ross 37
    Chief Financial Officer: Yvonne Olivia Paulson 50
    Finance Secretary: Nicholas Scott Houge 33
    VP of Accounting: Gwendolyn Wynne Xerxes 37
    Manager of Accounting: Javier Zion Alvarez 33
    Financial Accountant 1: Patrick Ulysses Jackson 29
    Financial Accountant 2: Kaileigh Alexis Bradshaw 25
    Financial Advisor: Quinton Gregory Hurst 39
    Internal Auditor: Yvonne Danielle Sheridan 53
    Accounting Intern: Xavier Nolan Ozra 21
    Chief Executive Officer: Zachariah Elias Turner 55
    Executive Secretary: Adriana Felicia Upchurch 47
    VP of Business: Malcolm Charles Davidson 50
    Manager of Acquisitions: Quaid Vincent Keppler 40
    Lead Buyer: Franklin Vincent West 45
    Assistant Buyer: Barbara Gwendolyn Vest 38
    Manager of Sales: Channing Hunter West 25
    Sales Rep 1: Isabella Yasmine Zimmerman 25
    Sales Rep 2: Piper Fay Greyson 26
    Sales Rep 3: Maggie Rose Greyson 23
    CRM Manager: Ryan Wesley Lewis 39
    CSR 1: Daniel Truman Upchurch 25
    CSR 2: Nadine Danielle Edwards 38
    Human Resources Manager: Simon Xavier Merchant 45
    HR Assistant: David Isiah Xyloto 25
    Chief Marketing Officer: Edward James Young 52
    Marketing Secretary: Wanda Marie North 41
    VP of Marketing: Hannah Xaveria Young 51
    Editor/Proofer: Sydney Isabelle Johnson 21
    Brand Manager: Christina Sheridan Tate 39
    Social Media Rep: Zoey Payton Quayle 29
    Graphic Designer: Ian Nicholas Compton 25
    Web Content Rep: Fallon Krystina Zimmerman 27
    Advertising Manager: Owen Elijah Franklin 45
    Media Buyer: Talia Yvonne Noble 27
    Graphic Designer: Grady Lewis Atherton 27
    Chief Information Officer: Tamara Jane Kilpatrick 45
    Information Secretary: Haley Marie Beck 39
    VP of Information Tech: Jared Owen Davidson 35
    IT Manager: Uriah Zaire Owens 49
    IT Tech 1: Edward Ulysses Vance 25
    IT Tech 2: Brianna Renee Stevens 23
    IT Intern: Taylor Leigh Cook 21
    VP of Analytics: Ulysses Kenneth London 46
    Database Manager: Carson Levi Turner 30
    Analyst 1: Sydney Marie Davis 30
    Analyst 2: Kimberly Paige Ellis 26
    General Receptionist: Victoria Anne Phillips 35
    Custodial Staff (4):
    Victor Levi Merchant 47
    Angelica Quinn Rosemund 25
    Lamar Quinton Franklin 27
    Whitney BriAnn Quinlan 30

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