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    The boys are here.....

    Hey everyone at Nameberry, as a fairly new member I wasnt able to consult with all of you when i had my previous 5 children, but when my husband and i had difficulties naming our then soon to be twin boys I turned to Nameberry to help name the boys.

    We are proud to say that Tyler Patrick, Kayla Maire (both now 11) Mya Arizona (8) Ella Grace (5) and Charlotte Anne (3) are older brother and sisters to Jacob Domenic and Bennet Troy. Born on July 1st at 5:13pm and 5:20pm, just under 2 weeks early and weighing 6 pds 2 oz and 5 pds 8 oz respectfully.

    All the children are overly excited for our new additions who came home earlier today, but Tyler especially is extatic with the added testosterone in the house. Both boys are very well behaved (lol for now) and are fitting in perfectly in our family.

    I just wanted to thank everyone for their help with naming the boys!
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    Re: The boys are here.....

    Congrats! I actually have nephews named Jacob and Dominic, so I approve Bennet is very handsome as well. Enjoy your new babies!
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    Re: The boys are here.....

    Great names! And good size little boys. I'm happy to congratulate you on your wonderful family additions!
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    Re: The boys are here.....

    Congrats to you and your family on the births of your twin boys, Jacob Domenic and Bennet Troy. Both names are strong and masculine and I love Jake and Ben as a twinset! Enjoy them and all the best, Mischa.
    All the best,

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    Re: The boys are here.....

    Warmest congratulations! Great names and love the stories attached to each of your children's names that make them mean so much to you. Thanks for coming to nameberry and letting us know they have arrived. Wonderful news!

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