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    Middle name for Elliot?

    My darling wonderful friend, who should be coming along shortly and jumping in as a 'berry, is madly in love with the name Elliot for a girl - a sentiment I echo. Young Elliot will have a 3 syllable last name beginning with S.

    Because of the gender ambiguity of the first name, she likes the idea of a feminine mn. Her partner likes no names on earth (except Elliot, luckily) and will be a very tough customer to please.

    So, go nuts, name fans! Give her some mn's to ponder and a nice big list for her partner to shoot down.
    Mother of Gideon Bernard (4/30/09) and Sylvie Louise (9/26/11).

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    Re: Middle name for Elliot?

    I will get the ball rolling with the brainstorming. :geek:

    Elliot Maeve (a father-approved choice)
    Elliot Imogen (mom's name crush)
    Elliot Pearl (one of my faves)
    Elliot Isobel
    Elliot Sofia
    Elliot Margot
    Elliot Moira
    Elliot Olivia
    Elliot Maura
    Elliot Jane
    Elliot Poppy
    Elliot Ivy (she thinks sounds like a disease)
    Elliot Lily (too many l's)
    Elliot Iris
    Elliot Fleur
    Elliot Poppy
    Elliot Viola (I put my foot down on this one: NO)
    Elliot Aster
    Elliot Iolanthe
    Elliot Jacinta
    Elliot Plum (tres francais)
    Elliot Grace
    Elliot Joy
    Elliot Louisa
    Elliot Ailish
    Elliot Carys
    Elliot Laurel
    Elliot Darcy
    Elliot Deirdre
    Elliot Fiona
    Elliot Maolisa
    Elliot Niamh (check that - too much like Elliot Ness)
    Elliot Teagan
    Mother of Gideon Bernard (4/30/09) and Sylvie Louise (9/26/11).

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    Re: Middle name for Elliot?

    I have a girl Elliott! I used the middle name Lee which isn't super girly but every oldest female for the last 7 generations used it so I kind of had to. That's why I used the two t's on the end of Elliott, to make it look a little more feminine. We call her Ellie or Elle a lot too. Anyway, if I didn't have to use Lee, I wanted:

    Elliott Jane
    Elliott Josephine

    Congrats to your friend and tell her GREAT name choice! My little one is 3 now and loves her name!

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    Re: Middle name for Elliot?

    Thanks Roseate and Angelika! I'm glad to hear that there's another little girl Elliot(t) out there loving her name! I also have a unisex name, and it's always been something I've considered for a daughter.

    I think we're down to a shortlist now, with Amelia, Isadora, and Maeve being the contenders. (The former two being the lovely Roseate's suggestions.) I love Elliot Jane a lot (it seems so spunky!), but it was a no go!

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    Re: Middle name for Elliot?

    Evan Robert Stephen and Elizabeth Victoria Christianna

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