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    Your name is Clara Penelope Wilson. You grew up in the suburbs of Long Island, NY. You came from a family with a mom (Mrs. Katherine Pearl Wilson, called Kitty) and a dad (Mr. George Theodore Wilson), and were the second oldest of your 6 siblings (Theodore Bennett, Sophie Lorelei, Maeve Anastasia, James Frederick, Natalie Jane, and Derek Oliver). You've had the same three best friends since you were in preschool- Evelyn Clarke, Hannah McMaster, and Talullah O'Reilly. You've had your heart set on a career in marine biology since you were nine years old. You are a smart, caring, and outgoing person.

    You get into Duke University, the college of your dreams and all the classes you want for your major in marine biology. Your roommate is nice, clean, and quiet who is named Tess Winters. The two of you become friends. Her boyfriend, Jacob Peterson, is two years older than you, but a big goof that's more like a little brother. He and your roommate are the ones who introduces you to his best friend, Levi Peter McKenna--your future husband. You are introduced when Tess asks to borrow Levi's notes from science class and she leaves you alone in your dorm room after casually stepping out sixty seconds before Levi walks in the doorway.

    You and Levi are close friends throughout the rest of college. He comes to the graduation party your parents throw for you. By now, you've both figured out you were always more than friends and start dating. You date for two years.

    After college, both you and Levi have bought a home together in Cape Coral, FL, and have established your careers- you as a marine biologist and Levi as a zoologist and animal caretaker. You are so caught up in your job, however, you're taken by surprise when Levi asks you to marry him at your birthday party, in front of your friends and family. You never saw it coming!

    5 months later, you and Levi are married in a small church ceremony followed by a beautiful outdoor reception. All your friends and family attend. Your roommate Tess is your maid of honor and her husband Jacob-- Levi's best friend--is Levi's best man.

    6 months after your wedding, you and Levi move out of your first home and into a larger, newer home, in the new town of Port Charlotte, FL. A month after you move in, you find out you're pregnant with your and Levi's first child.
    DD/DD: Lucy Juliet McKenna and Bridget Lorelei McKenna

    Two years later, you and Levi would like to have another baby, but you don't think you're ready for another pregnancy. A friend of yours recently adopted a child, and the two of you agree it's not a bad idea.
    DAD (5): Charlotte Willow McKenna "Charlie", from Port Charlotte, FL
    DAD (2): Lila Ruby McKenna, from Port Charlotte, FL
    DAS (1): Malcolm Ezra McKenna, from Port Charlotte, FL

    A year after your adopted children have settled into your family, you find out you're pregnant again. Suddenly, the house feels cramped and you and Levi have the money to buy a huge new house with enough space to fit all your kids as well as the upcoming new addition--and any more you plan on having.
    DD/DD: Sophie Therese McKenna and Eleanor Kate McKenna "Ellie"

    Two years later, Hannah McMaster, one of your best friends from childhood, who you have lost touch with for the past several years, suddenly calls you. She is single parent and has a two-year-old child she can no longer keep. The last thing they want is to put the child in foster care and they ask if you and Levi will take the child in. Of course, you do, without any further questions.
    DAS (2): Declan Hugo McMaster

    Four years go by. You get a devastating phone call: your younger brother James and his wife, Abigail, were killed in a boating accident while on a second honeymoon trip in the Gulf of Mexico. Your parents are older now and can't take the kids, nor can any one else, which leaves you and your husband.
    DAS (8): Andrew Percival Wilson
    DAS (5): Spencer Abraham Wilson

    A year and a half goes by. Time is running out and you've realized you've only been pregnant twice. It takes a little coaxing, but you convince your husband one more baby wouldn't hurt.
    DS: Henry Levi McKenna

    More than ten years go by. Your kids are ranging from high school to thirties. After your youngest finally moves out, you and your husband move back to Cape Coral, FL, to a new house, to wait for the grandchildren to start coming.

    DH (53): Levi Peter McKenna
    DW (51): Clara Penelope McKenna (nee Wilson)
    DAD (32): Charlotte Willow McKenna "Charlie", from Port Charlotte, FL
    DD/DD (28): Lucy Juliet McKenna and Bridget Lorelei McKenna
    DAD (28): Lila Ruby McKenna, from Port Charlotte, FL
    DAS (27): Malcolm Ezra McKenna, from Port Charlotte, FL
    DAS (27): Andrew Percival Wilson, son of James and Abigail Wilson
    DD/DD (25): Sophie Therese McKenna and Eleanor Kate McKenna "Ellie"
    DAS (25): Declan Hugo McMaster, son of Hannah McMaster
    DAS (24): Spencer Abraham Wilson, son of James and Abigail Wilson
    DS (18): Henry Levi McKenna
    Names I love right now:
    Thomas - Wesley - Desmond - Jack - Albert - Spencer - Harry
    Annabel - Vivienne - Matilda - Sophie - Sybil - Maria - Jane

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