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    Re: You and Your Siblings

    I am 26 and my name is Analisa Elena (pronounced Ah-nah-lisa, not An-na-lisa). My younger sister is 23 and her name is Leana Elizabeth (pronounced Lee-ah-nah, not Lee-an-na).

    I've never been given a straight answer on how we got our first names, but I do know that I was supposed to be named Monica until my mom's close friend named her baby girl Monica a week before I was born. (Nothing against the name Monica, but I think I dodged a bullet on that one! )

    My middle name, Elena, (pronounced Eh-leh-nah) is after my maternal great-great-grandmother, who I was fortunate enough to meet (she lived to be 107!!), and my sister's middle name, Elizabeth, is after my maternal grandfather's sister.

    We both absolutely love our names because we love how they sound together and they are more uncommon than our friends' names (we grew up with multiple Haley's, Ashley's, Sarah's, Brittany's, and Brooke's). I never met another person with a similar name as me until my senior year in college (her name was Annaliese) and as far as I know, my sister still hasn't met anyone with her name (although I do know one Leanna).

    My family is also into name schemes, and my cousins names are:
    Iliana Marie
    Adriana Alyssa
    Jewliana Jade

    and then the "odd ball", Nina Nicole, who is named after our paternal great-grandmother, Conina.

    Lot's of Ana's in our family, and no boys!! :lol:

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    Re: You and Your Siblings

    I have a very mismatched sibset. My mother claims my name is Grace because after I was born, being the oldest, she wa overwhelmed with happiness and didn't care what I was named. So my uncle, grandmother and dad named me.

    I'm Grace Allison. My mother was set on having a Fiona but like I said above no one liked it and apparently she didn't really care at the moment what my name was. I think I like Grace Allison better then Fiona Drummey.

    The eldest of my little brothers is Liam James Drummey. He was named Liam because my mother was set on having Irish names from now on after my naming experience. James is after my grandfather and Drummey is my maternal grandmother's maiden name, and for a while my mother's maiden name until her stepfather changed it.

    My sister, who is two years younger then Liam is Brigid Drummey. Brigid is an Irish name my parents could agree on and Drummey is again a family name.

    Aidan Drummey is the last one, he was born years before the name Aidan became popular. I'm 34 and Aidan is 8 years younger then me, he only knows one other 26 year old named Aidan.

    I had Jackson Scott with my now husband, John Stiles, at 16. I married him at 28 and now we have Sam and Lukey. We are expecting GG twins on September 1st. The top namesfor them right now are Alexandra and Juliet.

    My sister married Griffin James and has Elijah James, Isaac Aidan and Charlotte Denise.

    Liam married Hunter Elizabeth (yes, a girl named Hunter) and they have Ava Lynn, Jayden Michael, Alexis Marie and Zachary Jacob.

    Aidan is engaged to Paige Elizabeth and they have one daughter, Sophie Elizabeth.
    Proud mother to Jackson Scott, Samuel Jameson Brave, Lucas Liam Matthew and Elena Rue and Alexandra Marielle.

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    Re: You and Your Siblings

    I am the oldest of 5 and we have a large array Of names.
    I am Emily Mae and I would have been Maggie Mae if it wasn't for the song. If I were a boy I would have had any first name but the middle name waked because it is a tradition on my dads side of the family for the first born son to has the name Walter.

    My first brother is Tucker Walter. I am not sure of other names that were considered because we are only one tear apart.

    My second brother is Sutton Michael. He would have been Sawyer Michael but my father could not pronouce Sawyer right. I do bot remember what he would have been if he was a girl.

    Next is my first and only sister, Avery Elizabeth. All I know about her name is that her first namewas found on the back of a car. And again bot sure of Other names hat were considered.

    The youngest is my little brother Nathaniel Elo. His name means gift from god and it is Hebrew and my mom had him by surprise and while she was in seminary. Elo is after my great grandfather. If he was a girl his name would start with an Ivor O to go along with all of the girls names starting with Avery and Emily. Some names considered were Isabelle Ingrid or Olive. Other names we liked for a boy were west, Grahm, and Reed

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    Re: You and Your Siblings

    I'm the middle child of three. My elder sister is 22 and her name is Samantha Gabrielle. Samantha because it was the only name my parents could agree on and Gabrielle because while my mom was pregnant my parents were watching a Christmas special on God's favourite angel Gabriel. My mom fell in love with the name.

    My father really wanted a boy when my mom was pregnant with me and while she tried to convince him that I was a boy she knew I was a girl and refused to go to the hospital until she had a girls name picked out. The whole time she was going through labour she said the only name she could think of was Cassandra. She said that all she thought was this is Cassandra Leigh. Which we've always thought was kind of funny because my name means seer of the future. I've always loved my name and especially the spelling of my middle name. I'm 19, there are 3 years and 7 days between Sam and I.

    Sarah Elizabeth is the youngest of the three. She was our little surprise. Sarah is te
    n years old and her birthday is the day before mine. She was named Sarah because it was a name that both of my parents liked. My mom worked with kids for 20 years when Sarah was born and she couldn't think of a Sarah that she hadn't liked so Sarah it was. This was when I first became slightly obsessed with names. I was 9 making all of the lists and reading all of the books. My parents told me I could pick her middle name because it was at this point that I alerted them to a name trend they had but weren't aware of.

    My parents are Sean and Susanne and my sisters are Samantha and Sarah.. I'm Cassandra, a non s name. (it didn't help at the time that we had 3 cats name spike, squeak and smudge) So my parents felt bad and let me believe that I was picking the name. I liked Gwen but they convinced me that Elizabeth was much better, and let me believe that is what I wanted . Sneaky parents.

    Anyways, we're Samantha, Cassandra and Sarah. I love all of our names.

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    Re: You and Your Siblings

    Talk about schemes. Check out the sibset in my family.

    My oldest sister is Amanda Ann (27). She would have been named Candice but my maternal grandmother cringed at the thought she may be given the nn Candy one my mom chose Amanda. Ann is my maternal grandmother's middle name and my mother's middle name.

    My name is Annie Beth (23). Annie was my maternal great-grandmother's name, which was important to my mother because she was pretty much raised by her. Beth was my paternal grandmother's name.

    Next is Audrie Gene (20). I honestly don't know where the name Audrie came from, but I guess this is about the time my parents decided to stick with the 'A' scheme. Gene is my maternal grandmother's name.

    My oldest younger brother is Austin Robert (17). Again, not really sure where the name Austin came from but I do know that they were only looking at 'A' names, so I suppose this is just the one they liked the best. Robert is my father's name.

    My youngest sister is Abigayle Carie (15) nn Abbie. For the entire term of my mother's pregnancy, they thought Abbie was a boy and her fn was going to be Alexander (nn Alex) not sure what her mn would have been. When they found out she was a girl, they had no clue what to name her. They did not like the name Alexandria or Alexis so she remained unnamed for a while. Well my mother's nurse had been with her throughout each labor and delivery except for Amanda, so she knew our family well and also knew we were all 'A' names. So the nurse just started calling her Abigayle and it just stuck. Also not sure why my parent's chose that spelling, but I like it. Carie is my mother's name.

    And the youngest is Anson William (14). Again, I have no clue where they came up with the name Anson but I do know that this time around they threw out the name Alexander because they already new a lot of Alex's. William was my paternal grandfather's name.

    Then Amanda Ann married Stephen Michael and had two sons, Hunter William and Hayden Phillip. Amanda and Stephen got a divorce and she remarried William Sean and had twin boys Clark Robert and Carson Blake.

    I, Annie Beth, married Kyle Austin and we have no had kids yet but I am named obsessed. We know for sure that our first girl will be Hanna(h) Beth and for a boy we really like Henry Austin, but I do not want to follow in the footsteps of my family and have a scheme. At all.

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