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    Re: You and Your Siblings

    I'm the youngest of two and my elder sister is called Alexandra Lucy Dominica.She is named after our mother twin sister ( Alexandra), our paternal grandmother ( Lucy) and where my parents lived when she was born ( the Dominican republic).
    I was born five years later and my name is Amelia Flora Isobel. Amelia was after a friend of my parents,Flora because they wanted something Scottish( where I was born) and Isobel is a family name

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    Re: You and Your Siblings

    my older sister is Heather Renee and I am Hollie Renee. Original right? :lol:

    my sister was supposed to be Jaime no matter boy or girl but when she was born she looked like a Heather I guess. 3 years later I came along and they wanted another H name so I was either going to be Hollie or Heath. My mom didn't want to spell it Holly because she thought it looked too much like holy so that's why I have an "ie".

    I come from a family obsessed with name schemes.

    3 cousins
    Karie Lynn
    Katie Lee
    Kitty Lee

    3 more cousin
    Courtnee Ann
    Brittnee Kay
    Lainnee Mae

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    Re: You and Your Siblings

    Perhaps people should post their ages too, since I think many of the above posters are much younger than I am....

    My mother was a great English mystery lover, and our names seem to reflect that. I am Leslie (originally my mother wanted Deirdre, which I prefer), next sister is Victoria (mom wanted Tore, a Norwegian name), and last is Samantha. I clearly remember my mother asking me if I liked Pamela or Samantha and I said Samantha; she claims this never happened now. None of us had middle names. I took my mother's name, Elayne, in third grade for my middle, and gave my sister Samantha her middle name when she was about eight, Blake. I have a younger half-sister, Joanna, whose middle name is her mother's middle name, Whitney, a family name.

    I was supposed to be a boy, as were all three of us: we would have been Wadsworth Brewster, called Brewster (me; all family names; my father's name was Wadsworth and it goes back to the Longfellows); David, and Philip (another family name).

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    Re: You and Your Siblings

    I'm Stephanie Lynn and my older sister (by 3 years) is Erin Nicole. Early '80s all the way! I've asked my mom several times about our names and she just says that she saw them in a baby book and liked them. Other contenders? Ashley, Allison, Lyndsey. It's like she only used the top 10 SS list for inspiration! If either of us had been boys we would have been Jeremy. My sister actually married one.

    We also have Hebrew names and thats where our family connection comes in. I'm Simcha Malka (after my mom's uncle who passed away a few years before my birth, Melvin. Hebrew name Melech). My sister is Gitel Rochel after our great grandmother Gertie.

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    Re: You and Your Siblings

    It is interesting to see all of these names and to find out that their parents are in their early forties!

    I really wish that my friends were interested enough in names and the internet so that they could give their fix on the latest here at nameberry.

    I love my name Caroline Margot, and I am SO pleased to see that Margot is back in vogue again. Caroline never really left but it is great to see so many loving this name once more.

    My sis is Gillian Lucille I never liked either name but in the last few years have come to appreciate Lucille and the sibset because Mum and Dad matched our first names really well and have given us both a French middle name which I think is a nice touch.

    My brother was named Ralph after an uncle who was lost during the war and I don't like his name either. I think I came up trumps in the name department in our family!!!

    WDYT of our names. Please humour me on this as I am way out of your age group.

    Psalm 23

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