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    Welcoming Baby Girl ...

    Hello Everyone,

    I wanted to announce the arrival of my daughter, the first child for my husband and I. Caroline Cecilia was born on April 12, 2011 at 12:51 p.m., weighing 7 lbs and 9 oz. Caroline is a name that I have loved for years, because it is classic and yet not too popular. Cecilia is after my grandmother. We are thrilled to have this wonderful little girl in our life. I cannot image life before her!

    Also, I thought I might post some other babies that I know of who have recently entered the world for all the name fans:
    Samantha Marlo "Sam"
    Zoe Grace
    Zane Michael
    Olivia Grace (not yet born)

    -- Jackie
    Mom to two wonderful girls:
    Caroline Cecilia - 4-12-11
    Elise Camille - 1-8-14

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    Re: Welcoming Baby Girl ...

    Hi Jackie - congratulations on your beautifully named little girl!
    Caroline Cecilia is just perfect!

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    Re: Welcoming Baby Girl ...

    Congratulations, your baby girl has a really beautiful name.

    Psalm 23

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    Re: Welcoming Baby Girl ...

    Caroline Cecilia is absolutely beautiful!
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    Re: Welcoming Baby Girl ...

    This is a little late, considering Caroline was born in April and it's already July, but congrats!!! I like how Caroline and Cecilia both start with C, but they still flow because of the different sounds. Very creative!!!! Best of luck to you and your growing family!
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