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    Quote Originally Posted by huit
    Greta is one of the top names my husband and I are considering for our own daughter who will be born this autumn. To my ears, it is a very soft sounding name, like Anna or Esther. Probably due to the soft vowels and ending with "ah". (But that's my ears and I respect others' opinions.) I oddly don't immediately think of Greta Garbo when I think of this name. Perhaps because Gretchen has become relatively popular and Hansel and Gretel is such a ubiquitous story. Instead, I think old-fashioned but not dated. My husband even made some sound arguments (Greta is his current top pick):

    1. Greta is pretty but also strong.
    2. He could picture a baby named Greta, a girl, a young woman and a grandmother. It always sounds appropriate.
    3. It works internationally which is nice for us as Americans living in the UK whose child may end up living in US, UK, elsewhere in Europe or who-knows-where.
    4. The name is not limiting; it works for a businesswoman or an artist.

    His only concern was that we are not German/Swedish etc. Well, technically I am mostly German-American but that's pushing it; it really it is not something we usually think about.
    Those are great reasons! I used to live in the UK.

    I think these days, it really doesn't matter if you have German or Swedish in you. You can simply be love with the name or even the culture....I think that's good enough for me!

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