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    Hi everyone,

    I wanted to know what everyone's impression and thoughts on the name Greta. The first time I saw the name, I instantly dismissed it. But as time went on, and I started to develop my list of baby names, I started to feel like every name on my list is blah. I like my list of names but it seems that there are a lot of babies with the same names and my child will just be one of the 5 Ava's in class, you know? Although I still like Ava very much. I came across the name Greta again, and this time I didn't dismiss it instantly like I had before. It's got very old world feel....still feminine, and not overly common or uncommon. I tend to lean towards vintage names because I feel my child can grow into the names and Greta could be one of those names. What do you guys think? Any thoughts and impressions?


    -- Lilacs

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