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Thread: Introduction

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    I wanted to introduce myself as this is my first time posting (although I have been reading the Nameberry blog for a few months now.) My name is Lacy, I gave birth to my beautiful boy Callum Rhys in December 2010. We chose Callum for a few reasons: My fiance liked the name Cal, which I thought was too short. So we did kind of a reverse name search, looking for a full name based on a nickname. I found several "Cal" names of course but we settled on Callum because of it's literal meaning: dove. I automatically associate doves with peace, which totally suits my hippy-ish personality, and also totally suits a Christmas-time baby. In the region of the US where we live, Callum is virtually unheard of, so that helped in our decision also as we didn't want a too-common name. Rhys we chose simply because we both loved the name and it sounded so good with Callum and our last name (although I do have to admit that my fiance wanted to spell it Reese, but I talked him out of it!) Anyway, it's nice to meet you all and I plan on posting quite a bit from now on. Thanks for reading!!
    ~ Mommy to Callum Rhys and Jack William ~

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    Re: Introduction

    Hello lcmpdx,

    I also had a little boy in December 2010!!

    I've always thought Cal is was such a cute nn. Congrats on Callum Rhys!

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    Re: Introduction

    Callum Rhys is a very handsome name! Congrats on your baby boy!

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    Re: Introduction

    What a wonderful name! I've recently come to really love Callum and Rhys is one of my newest name crushes. Congratulations on your little man!
    Current loves: Theodore & Rosalind

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    Re: Introduction

    Welcome to nameberry, Lacy!

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