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Thread: Stripper names

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    Stripper names

    What makes a name a "stripper name?"

    I'd like to start out by acknowledging that, of course, just being named something like "Cinnamon" doesn't automatically make someone a stripper. I'm not interested in condemning anybody's name choices (or career choices!) or calling anybody trashy.

    However, it does seem like some names are more likely to be perceived as "stripper names." I think it would be interesting to get everybody's thoughts about what those names are, and what gives them a potential stripper vibe.

    Maybe we could also discuss anti-stripper names -- names that you can't imagine on a stripper (Mildred? Ruth?).

    Let the discussions and inevitable hurt feelings begin...

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    Re: Stripper names

    These are names I think many people perceive as stripper (or low-class) names (I don't necessarily see them that way).
    Crystal or Krystle
    Amber (I like this name, so I wish it were not perceived as a stripper name).

    Brittany (I really don't think these names are so bad).


    Most names are not considered stripper names, especially those that have the reputation for being ugly old fashioned names (Mildred), sweet and pretty old-fashioned names (Adeline), and classic names (Katherine, Margaret).

    That's all I can think of for now.

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    Re: Stripper names

    I think the stripper names are names that we perceive as being used by lower class people (ie) their daughters will grow up to be strippers) or names that seem to be popular as stage names for women in the sex industry.

    Mostly no one feels that say about classic names like Elizabeth or Rebecca even though I'm sure there are strippers out there named Elizabeth. Of course their stage names would be something more like Charisma Diamonique...
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    Re: Stripper names

    Personally, I get the 'stripper' vibe less from certain names than the way a name is spelled. Anything yooneek or kreatif generally makes me think it sounds like a name for an exotic dancer. But on names that are actually spelled properly, there are certainly some I wouldn't be surprised to learn were the names of a stripper but unless its Bambi or Candy, I'd probably not immediately think stripper.

    Then again, I think that might have something to do with having a group of New England friends who give their children family names like Brownrigg or Montgomery and then they have the traditional preppy nns like Bunny, Kiki and Tiffy.

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    Re: Stripper names

    What do I consider stripper names? Well, for a start, Crystal... and just about everything else which screams 'I was born to a lower class family in the 70s'. Tiffany, Brittney, Lacey, Macy etc. That and just tacky names in general - Misty, Tiara, Angel, Destiny, Nevaeh and what have you.

    Ramona, April and Roxanne are all on my list, and they have all been labeled 'stripper' names, even though I don't agree in the slightest (although they do have that 'dated' feel, Roxanne in particular)

    Oh, and I know the sweetest little girl named Cinnamon. She's 5, with blonde curls and blue eyes. This name certainly doesn't sound stripper-ish to me!

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