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Thread: Ramona Mae

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    Ramona Mae

    Was born on March 20, 3 months ago today! I LOVE her name and always get many complements. Mae is a family name. I am a nickname person and I thought I would call her Roma or Romy, but I mostly call her Ramona (or beautiful, or little one, or bunny or occasionally "senorita crabby pants"). I have no idea what her future brother or sister will be named though, if she had been a boy we did not have a back-up name Good thing those ultrasounds are so accurate!

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    Re: Ramona Mae

    Congratulations! Her name is so beautiful, a great choice I can see why you get a lot of compliments on it!
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    Re: Ramona Mae

    Congrats on your new baby girl, Ramona Mae! What a great mix of spunk and vintage! Love it! All the best, Mischa.
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    Re: Ramona Mae

    Ramona Mae is a very pretty name.
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