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    You are a senior in high school. You become pregnant after a one night stand with a guy you are really crazy about. He asks you to marry him. Seven months later you give birth to a premature baby girl.

    You: Juliette Louise Montgomery
    Boy: William Henry French
    Daughter: Florence (Flo) Eloise French

    Two years later, your daughter is two, and you are 20, you become pregnant with twins! Identical girls.

    Daughter: Liza Jane French
    Daughter: Tallulah Meyer French

    Four years pass, you are 24, your daughter is 6, and your twins are 4. Your husband really wants a baby boy, so you try again. You find out 10 weeks later that it is a boy! Your husband is thrilled, so you let him name him.

    Son: Harvard Christian French

    Three years later, your last child is potty trained ): You miss having the baby around. You and your husband decide to have one more baby. There is a history of multiples on both sides of the family. You are having triplets! Two girls and a boy.

    Daughter: Aviana Naomi French
    Daughter: Felicity Clarissa French
    Son: Alfred (Alfie) Walter French

    You immediately decide that your five bedroom house is too small for such a large family, so you move.

    Town: Cairns, Queensland

    Three years pass, and the kids decide it�s time for a pet� Uh oh. You get a two month old puppy. They get to name him.

    Puppy: Plomp

    Four years later, your best friend dies in a car accident. You adopt her two-week old son, because you are his godmother.

    Best Friend: Elsa Rochelle Vanderbilt
    Her Son: Vincent Dashiell Vanderbuilt

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