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    Re: Make Your Own Family Baby Name Game

    Mother: Charlotte Eliza Souette-Hayes
    Father: Beckett Northam Hayes

    Number of children: 12

    1. Boy- Carter Nathaniel Hayes

    2. Girl- Eloise Astoria Hayes

    3. Girl- Arabella Blair Hayes

    4. Girl- Hazel Sofia Hayes

    5. Girl- Adeline Olivia Hayes

    6. Boy- Kenzington Rowe Hayes

    7. Boy- Deacon Fisher Hayes

    8. Girl- Evie Emmeline Hayes

    9. Girl- Katarina Honor Hayes

    10. Girl- Abigail Everly Hayes

    11. Girl- Savannah Tatum Hayes

    12. Boy- Crew Harrison Hayes

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    Re: Make Your Own Family Baby Name Game

    Use the 12-sided dice to play

    Name you and your spouse and roll the dice for the number of children you have. Then, roll the dice again for each child for the gender. Even number means girl. Odd number means boy. If you'd like, you may add additional information like pictures, birthdays, ages, etc, or even write a little story to go along with your family.

    Dh: John Wesley Porter III 35- June,11th
    Dw: Tabitha Lynne Burrows Porter 33, July,3rd

    lol I only rolled aone might have to play a couple of times

    they have one son, and have never been able to have anymore

    1. Samuel Jonathan Porter- 13 years old, October,18 th

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    Re: Make Your Own Family Baby Name Game

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    Re: Make Your Own Family Baby Name Game

    Mother: Jillian Elizabeth Danvers
    Father: Clayton Jeremy Danvers

    Number of children: 11

    1. Boy-Emerson Cyrus Danvers

    2. Girl-Belle Aurora Danvers

    3. Girl-Clara Rosalie Danvers

    4. Boy-Griffin Lennox Danvers

    5. Girl-Valentina Ruby Danvers

    6. Boy-Warren Archer Danvers

    7. Girl-Felicity Clementine Danvers

    8. Boy-Lysander Orion Danvers

    9. Boy-Phoenix Silas Danvers

    10. Boy-Wyatt Byron Danvers

    11. Girl-Jessamine Lavender Danvers

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    Re: Make Your Own Family Baby Name Game

    (I rolled for genders of the parents, too!)

    DW: Viveca Jade Bronson
    DW: Ambrosia Louise Bronson

    DD: Malia Serenity Rose Bronson, 13
    DD: Geneva Daisy Prudence Bronson, 13
    DS: Hendrix Kyle Augustine Bronson, 10
    DD: Blissany Helvetica Chase Bronson, 8
    DS: Cobalt Demetrius Asher Bronson, 6
    DS: Rumer Jacobi James Bronson, 3
    DD: Landry Savannah Brielle Bronson, 20mos.
    DS: Lazarus Dakota Sawyer Bronson, 20mos.
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

    avatar by *moogley-mog

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