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    Husband: Carlos Wesley Walker
    Wife: Charlea Jade Walker

    #1-Son: Wesley Dalton Walker [16]
    #2-Daughter: Cherry Rhiannon Walker [12]
    #3-Son: Patrick William Walker [10]
    #4-Daughter: Paisley Michelle Walker [10]
    #5-Son: Kyle Oscar Walker [7]
    #6-Son: Ryan Caleb Walker [7]
    #7-Daughter: Lyndsey Rose Walker [4]
    #8-Son: Beckett Anderson Walker [2]
    #9-Daughter: Lola Gracelynn Walker [1]
    #10-Son: Merrick Montgomery Walker [nb]

    Carlos and Charlea:: Wesley, Cherry, Patrick, Paisley, Kyle, Ryan, Lyndsey, Beckett, Lola and Merrick.

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    Mother: Jillian Elizabeth Benson-Danvers
    Father: Jeremy Malcolm Danvers

    Number of children: 4

    1: Boy; Lysander Wyatt Danvers

    2: Boy; Quinton Finlay Danvers

    3: Boy; Holden Seth Danvers

    4: Girl; Nerissa Lorelei Danvers

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    DH - William "Will" David Leon
    DW - Amy Leon

    Will and Amy met in high school where they dated for three years. They split up due to the fact that Will was joining the army and Amy didn't know how to deal with it. After being deployed for three years and attending an online college, Will returned and went to the college he had planned on going to before he went over seas. Coincidentally, this is where Amy went also. The two see each other for the first time on the first day of class when Will's name is called out. She jumped up and ran into his waiting arms. They dated for another three years then married in a beautiful spring wedding.

    They have twelve beautiful children together

    1st - James David Leon is the oldest son at the age of 16. He just got his driver's licence and is excited that he is able to drive himself to basketball and baseball practices. He is very loyal and has a strong sense of right and wrong. He is studious, but also funny, charismatic, and talented at drumming.
    2nd - Chloe Mirabella Leon is the oldest daughter. She is almost fifteen and very spunky. She speaks whatever is on her mind and doesn't sensor her words. She has a genuine good heart and is extremely kind. She only plays a sport, volleyball, because her friends do, but she excells in it and is one of the best players.
    3rd and 4th - Vivienne Ruby and Genevieve Hazel, better known as Vivi and Ginny, are double trouble. Surprise 12 year old twins were a super blessing. They stick by each other and are very funny. They love to dance, and are on a competition team that has won dozens of awards. Both are national title holders in dance.
    5th - Benjamin Thomas Leon is the little brother James had begged for. Ben, aged 10, is the band man of the clan. He learned to play drums from James when he was 5, guitar and bass from his teacher when he was 8, and piano when he was 9. He is already writing lyrics and melodies in a notebook that he carries with him everywhere.
    6th - Esme Cora Leon is a writer. She has been since she was born 9 years ago. She learned to write her name when she was two, read at three, and write in cursuve when she was five. She was in an accelerated reading class in grade school since she came home and complained class was too slow and she finished the work in five minutes. Now a days, she is trying to write a novel, but her ADD kicks in and she forgets about it and goes outside to chase butterflies with her siblings.
    7th - Nathaniel Lucas Leon, other known as Nathan, is a book nerd. Plain and simple. He rathers being inside nice and warm, cuddled up reading Harry Potter, than kicking a soccer ball outside. His intelligence level is much higher than most 7 year olds.
    8th - Elena Wren Leon would much rather her name be Ellie. If you call her Ella, or Elena, she screams and kicks. She is a tomboy to the extreme. She doesn't own one single doll or Barbie, but does have doezens of action figures and sport balls. While most 5 years old like having their Mommy brush their hair, Ellie would rather wrestle with her Daddy.
    9th and 10th - 3 year old twin brothers William "Liam" Jacob and Edward "Teddy" Julian Leon are a bundle of hyperness. They are totally typical little boys. They like to rip things up, destroy things, and prank their older siblings and the babies.
    11th - Eloise Danielle Leon is the last baby girl. She's 2 and loves all things pink, polka dotted, laced, and glittered. She loves Victorious, iCarly, aNT Farm, and all other shows like that. She also loves being called Lulu.
    12th - Jackson "Jack" Samuel Leon is the baby. He's only nine months old and is learning how to survive in a house with 11 other kids.

    Will, Amy, and their kids James, Chloe, Vivi, Ginny, Ben, Esme, Nathan, Ellie, Liam, Teddy, Eloise, and Jack!!
    just a name nerd with lots of plans.
    Childhood cancer has names too. Never forget Ronan, Talia, Ty, and all the other children suffering

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    Aiden Feargus & Lorena Sophie

    10 kids:

    Boy - Liam Feargus (17, almost-black hair, dark blue eyes, few freckles)

    Boy/Boy - Charles David (Charlie) & Dominic Christopher (Dom) (16, dark brown hair, chocolate eyes, cheeky grins)

    Boy - Angus William (15, mid-blonde hair, dark blue eyes)

    Girl - Maeve Sophie (Mae) (14, dark hair, big hazel eyes)

    Boy/Girl - Harry Seamus & Eliza Beatrix (13, dark blonde hair with natural highlights, green eyes, freckles)

    Girl - Rosie Lorena (11, dark brown hair, dark blue eyes)

    Boy - Callum James (Cal) (8, blonde hair, brown eyes)

    Girl - Tessa Fay (Tess) (5, thick auburn hair, dark green eyes, freckles)

    Liam, Charlie & Dom, Angus, Mae, Harry & Eliza, Rosie, Cal, Tess.
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