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Thread: Water Names!

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    Water Names!

    I'm writing a book that is centred around a big group of mermaids, and I need some water/ocean related names for both boys and girls. A few in the realm of the obvious is fine, (the obvious being something like Pearl or Oceane), but I would also love some names that maybe mean water in another language or something like that.
    I really appreciate the help!
    Thanks Berries! TTFN!

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    I think Posideon should be a boy, and for one of the other girls, call her Shelley, like Mary Shelley. Also, maybe you can have a girl named Aquamarine nn Aqua, and that is my gemstone by the way, as I was born in March. Do NOT do Cancer. I know it's an astrological sign, but it's also a disease. You can also do Broooke for a girl, and River for a boy or a girl. I like the name Percy, as he was a son of Posideon, and maybe you can have him date the main girl, or be related to her. You can also have him be a neighor of hers, depending on the age.

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    The first obvious but not completely in your face water names I thought of right away were Brooke, Marina and Waverly.
    Jenna means white wave so that could be something less obvious but still connected, maybe a bit vague though.
    Have you thought of researching some famous ships names, they were usually named after women, I mean maybe mermaids saw these sunken ships and named their children after them, I don't know it was just a thought that popped into my head
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    Nerys or Nerissa? They don't technically mean anything to do with the sea but they remind me of Nereida which means 'sea nymph' I think.

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    Dylan means "son of the sea" -- I like it better on a boy.
    Cerulean -- Maybe names like this that's a kind of blue, since the sea is blue?

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