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    Siblings with fancy first names need middle and last names.

    So I have two characters forming that are coming into my mind name first. I'm guessing siblings if not twins. One is quirky, dorky, nerdy, but still quick witted and social and the other is reckless, arrogant, and persuasive with a soft heart. They are Vermillion "Milo" and Peregrine "Perry but I feel like they need middle names that go with their mouthful first names. I don't mind the names being fusty or weird, in fact that would work quite well. I'm leaning towards very masculine middle names to go with their more femme firsts (both characters are male). I'm thinking they had very extreme parents that led them in very interesting and strange, but sheltered and privileged lives. Very eccentric rich people I'm thinking.

    Some ideas for mn: Julius, Henrik, William, Carlisle, Anders, Gabriel, Jameson, Theodore,

    For last I just need super fusty overblown waspy sounding stuff :P

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    Re: Siblings with fancy first names need middle and last nam

    Veremillion "Milo" Julius Pennyworth
    Peregrine "Perry" James Pennyworth
    I can't think of a better rich people name then Pennyworth!
    The middle names are difficult to pick. You may want to stick with short or no middle names due to the mouthful they currently have to say.
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    Re: Siblings with fancy first names need middle and last nam

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