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    Lauryn Hill's sixth child

    Lauryn Hill just announced she is expecting her sixth child with Rohan Marley. Their two first have a bit more "out-there" Hebrew names: Zion & Selah, while the three younger ones have more conventional names: Joshua, John & Sarah. To me at least, their names are quite mismatched...
    Do you think the sixth one will have more of a conventional name or will they go back to something quite different?

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    Re: Lauryn Hill's sixth child

    Whatever Lauryn chooses will most likely come from the Bible again. She's very spiritual.

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    Re: Lauryn Hill's sixth child

    All of those names are Biblical, so I don't see how they don't go together. My only pause is that Selah and Sarah are a bit similar for my tastes, thought I like both names. I agree with the pp that it seems a Biblical name will likely be chosen again.

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    Re: Lauryn Hill's sixth child

    For whatever reason I didn't even make that connection although I knew about her being very spiritual. So, it'll probably be another biblical name.
    Personally, I still think they're slightly mismatched though as three of the names are very conventional, especially John & Sarah, and two of them aren't. There are so many biblical names to choose from! Just my opinion though. I would also agree Selah and Sarah are too similar.
    Either way - I wish them all the best

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