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    Sibsets: The good and the bad

    I thought this might be fun and interesting. Of the sibsests that you know personally, which are the best and which are the worst?

    Here's mine:

    Victoria (Tori)
    Avalon (Avi)
    Josson (as in Josh's son)

    Emma and Kingston (They seem like completely different styles to me)
    I am a Chantal that has never liked her name... at all. Trying to give my children names they - at the very least - can stand.

    Mom to Boston and Piper <3

    Names I love...
    Boys - Grady, Crew, Oakley, Penn, Beckett, Milo and Callum
    Girls - Lennox, Callaway, Arden, Belle, Lorelei, Annabel, Posey, Violet, and Eve

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    Re: Sibsets: The good and the bad

    I know a family with the dad is John and the kids are:
    Jojo (joseph)

    I don't think its cute to give all your kids the same letter name. Plus the kids are always getting called the wrong name.

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    Re: Sibsets: The good and the bad

    These are the names of some of the kids I babysit or know:
    Conor Ivan, Sophia Claire, Owen Jacob, Nolan Oscar
    Owen and Nolan sound way too similar

    Michael Leonard, Rueben Joseph, Emily Quinn, Marina Amanda
    Pretty traditional names until you get to Marina

    Stephanie, Trevin & Jayla
    Just a strange combination with Stephanie being a common name and Trevin and Jayla being more unique

    Cash & Harmony
    Two different styles that sound pretty bad together

    Callie Savannah, Tess Valentina, Jack Dorian, Henry Zaire
    I love the way these names go together. They are darling.

    Quentin & Juliana
    Just a sweet pairing

    Arabella Jane, Crispin Cole, Joss Damon
    Such soft, innocent names

    Micah Jarrett, Layla Josephine, Noah Kyle, Oliver Jackson
    I love the sound of Micah Jarrett. I think these names are so laid back that they give the impression of a really cool group of kids: which they are!

    So what do you guys think of these combos?

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    Re: Sibsets: The good and the bad


    Kit and Andy Kandeigh (pronounced CANDY) they were both anchors on a local news station
    Taylor, Taryn and Toni- all girls, just not my style
    Mindy, Cindy (twins) and Megan
    Kelly, Shea and Lauren- Shea just seems out of place
    Jocelyn, Jordan, Jenna- All girls, Jordan feels a little off
    Margaret (always goes by Meggie), Nathan (Nate) and Kellan (girl)- Kellan is a much different style than her siblings

    Some of the best.....
    Very big family, i particularly love the girl's names. The age range is infant to 26 y/o.

    Lucille (Lucy)

    Anna and Grace: So simple and elegant

    Joy Evan, John Wrenn, Micah (i'm not sure what his mn is)- i love that the first two almost always go by their first and middle names.

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    Re: Sibsets: The good and the bad

    Some of these names are not my bag, baby, but I'm grading on how I think they sound as a sibset.

    Delaney, Finn and Graham
    Chevy and Cash
    Dominick and Vivienne
    Arriana and Xavier

    Not Good:
    Blaise and Logan
    Adrian and Adrianna :roll:
    Mother of Gideon Bernard (4/30/09) and Sylvie Louise (9/26/11).

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