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    Pink's Daughter Name

    Pink gave birth to her daughter named Willow Sage Hart.
    Its pretty, i knew she wouldnt do a girly girl name but Willow is unique and funky. I think its one of those names that youd have to wait until the birth to see if she would suit it.

    What do you guys think?

    I hope she has more children would love to see what she would call a baby boy

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    Re: Pink's Daughter Name

    I have always loved the name Willow. I'm impressed with Pink and Carey's choice of name- Willow Sage is beautiful.

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    Re: Pink's Daughter Name

    I agree, I like it as well, the whole combo very pretty (a last name like Hart is makes it easier!) though I was expected something a little more eccentric from the couple.

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    Re: Pink's Daughter Name

    A simply gorgeous name!
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    Re: Pink's Daughter Name

    Love, love, love Willow Sage Hart!!! So pretty! And it seems to suit Pink. I was honestly a little afraid that she might chose something totalyl off the wall, but I just love her choice. I really hope she has more kids.

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