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    Introducing Lulu's Little Sister

    Hey Everyone!
    On May 15th we finally got to meet the newest member of the family, Cassia Genevieve.
    Her sister Louisa (Clementine!) doesn't quite know what to make of her yet (upon meeting her new sister, Lou asked in the hospital if Cassia would always be so squishy and pink), and doesn't like all the crying, but looooves all the baby clothes and really enjoys dressing her new sister up.

    Thank you so much to everyone who helped us decide between Cassia and Daria. I think you really helped us make the right choice, as I love saying her name out loud, and I love my pair of Lulu and Cassie. It really feels like the perfect name.
    Also, my husband is quite fond of wrapping her up in a baby blanket and referring to her as Cass-erole. Ehh, he amuses himself I guess.

    Thanks again,
    My Girls: Louisa Clementine and Cassia Genevieve. Lulu and Cassie <3

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    Re: Introducing Lulu's Little Sister

    I love the pairing of Cassia and Genevieve. Perfect choice! Your sibset is very cute and you'll have lots of fun with the two of them! Congratulations!

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    Re: Introducing Lulu's Little Sister

    Hi Claire, congrats to you on the birth of your baby girl, Cassia Genevieve. I love the name and it goes so well with Louisa Clementine. The baby may be strange to Lulu now but I bet in the next couple of years they'll be bosom buddies. Lulu and Cassie are just too adorable! Let your husband amuse himself with Cass-erole! They grow up too quickly! All the best, Mischa.
    All the best,

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    Re: Introducing Lulu's Little Sister

    Congratulations on little Cassia Genevieve! What a beautiful name.

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    Re: Introducing Lulu's Little Sister

    The Cass-erole comment made me laugh! Congrats on the new baby girl!
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