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Thread: Sister's baby

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    Sister's baby

    This time, it's not me who's preggos. but it is my sister, Callie. Her baby girl is due in 3 (!!!) weeks. No name definents, but some choices. She loved my daughter's name so much, (Annemarie) that she decided she wanted my help naming her baby, so here are our options:

    Ingrid Myra
    Alison Jeniffer
    Tallulah Jane "Lula"
    Samara Lilly
    Nell Genevieve

    Can you guys please pick your favs, and also your least favs from the list? Thanks!!!
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    Re: Sister's baby

    Here are my thoughts:

    Ingrid Myra - When I say it, my tongue trips over the flow a bit. Perhaps Ingrid Maia is better?
    Alison Jeniffer - too boring. I like Alison Maia, though.
    Tallulah Jane "Lula" - ADORE this!
    Samara Lilly - eh. Perhaps Samara Lillian? I think Samara needs a longer name than Lilly after it.
    Nell Genevieve - cute, but I personally prefer Nell as a nickname for Eleanor.

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    Re: Sister's baby

    Tallulah Jane is my favorite from the list. I also like Ingrid, but I'd choose a different middle name. Ingrid Mae, Ingrid Lily, Ingrid Pearl, Ingrid Elise... Alison is ok, but I would also choose a different middle name. I don't really like Samara (had a Golden Retriever with that name) and I really dislike Nell (I think of Nell Carter).

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    Re: Sister's baby

    I agree with Poptart. Across the board.

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    Re: Sister's baby

    As a complete package, I suppose I like Tallulah Jane the best, too. I'm not quite as crazy about it as the previous posters just because I can't quite picture an adult Tallulah or Lula in a very serious way. But it is cute and I love the name Jane.
    If I were allowed to swap things around, I would actually go with Genevieve as a first name. Maybe with Lilly or Myra as the middle name.
    Ingrid Myra doesn't flow very well as they said above. Ingrid is also a little bit unfriendly sounding to me.
    Alison Jennifer (I assume you would actually spell it this way, not Jeniffer) is very 80s feeling to me. I adore the name Alice, though, if you would maybe consider that. One of my all-time favorite names.
    Samara and Nell are both fine to me; I don't love them, but I don't dislike them.
    Good luck to you and your sister!

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