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    Essentials List?

    What were essiantials for you as new moms?






    Also, I was just wondering which you found more effective - swings or bouncers - with your children, and if you had twins/multiples, if it was necessary to have more than one.

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    Re: Essentials List?

    Both my boys don't like the swing. They both get really sick when they're in it so the bouncy seat was our only choice and a complete lifesaver. As for food I had someone cook for me with my first, she offered, and my second I cooked a few meals and froze them so the could be reheated easily.
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    Re: Essentials List?

    What were essentials for you as new moms?

    Eating: I had to have microwaveable dinners on hand, dealing with twins. Between breastfeeding and trying to sleep when they slept, I didn't have time to prepare meals, too.

    Sleeping: My boys loved to be swaddled tight. We used regular cotton blankets for this, but I've seen that they have swaddlers that have velcro fastening now, too. They actually shared a crib, and now at almost four, they still sleep in the same bed. I think it helped them sleep through the night earlier, and we've never really had problems with them not staying in bed once they moved up from the crib.

    Entertainment: They loved their colorful play mat with toys they could reach up and grab by the time they were a few months old. Before that, they're mostly just sleeping and eating.

    Travel/On-the-go: I really wish that we had sprung for the expensive BOB revolution stroller. We used a clunky front-to-back double stroller and it was HEAVY and unwieldy. By the time they were a little older, neither wanted to be the one in the back.

    Bathing: Baby bathtub was a complete waste for us. We ended up bathing them in each side of the kitchen sink until they were about a year old.

    My boys loved the swing and hated the bouncer. I think you might want to get one of each and see how they do, then decide if you want two. It would have been nice to have two swings for my twins, but we didn't have room in our apartment.

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    Re: Essentials List?

    Eating: My six-year-old son always ate (and still eats) little chopped-up hot dogs. I boil them on the stove and then cut them into little pieces---I try to make them look like stars or something fun like that. Also, always have some mac&cheese on hand, kids LOVE it! Kids like pizza, too, and when they're younger they like it cut into shapes. My son LOVES pancakes, especially when I make them look like animals. Also give them snack times, 2 or 3 a day. You could bribe them, too, like, "If you sit on the potty I'll give you 2 big cookies for snacktime!" or "Make your bed and you get an extra lollipop!"

    Sleeping: Night lights. If you don't give my kid a night light, he'll stay up for hours. Also, when they're babies give them blankies, and they'll sleep with it their whole childhoods. Stuffed animals and story books are neccasary, too, and when they're babies, those little things that go round and round are really cool and they really like it, and maybe some nice, relaxing music. Make sure you have a regular bedtime routine.

    Entertainment: TV, action figures for boys, dolls for girls, DS games, comic books, Wii, cmoputer time, playing outside, going to the park, etc. They'll really do anything with you ages 4-7.

    Travel/On-the-go: It's nice if you have those TVs in your car so they can watch movies. Let them take their DS's, and play games with them like Guess the Lincense Plate and I Spy.

    Bathing: Bath paints, rubber ducks, little action figures, toy sharks, bubble bath from their favorite cartoon character, and sometimes let them use the "Big-Kid" shampoo. They'll feel real special.

    My son liked both his bouncer-thing and his swing, but he liked the swing the best. He could sit on that thing for, like, a half-hour, calmly, which gave me time to take a 5-second shower.
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    Re: Essentials List?

    Eating: I breastfeed - so I bought a nice pump, and have a few bottles in case I need to go somewhere. A boppy pillow is my best friend (and ofcourse, i've heard good things about mybestfriend pillow - but have never tried one) Lanolin is good to have on hand, too.For me - frozen meals are wonderful. I've heard of the idea of having people bring frozen meals as a baby shower present, too. Water and snacks are important.

    Sleeping: A bassinet makes the first few weeks nice because you can move it from room to room. A pack and play is nice if you are short on space because you can set it up so you have a changing table,too. Blankets to swaddle your baby. Happiest Baby on the Block dvd or book (so reassuring and good ideas). I know a lot of people like slings to walk their baby down - like a ring sling or moby wrap.

    Entertainment: Books/tv remote/smart phone for when you are nursing. For the baby, a baby gym and mobile are wonderful.

    Travel/On-the-go: A comfy car seat that is easy to adjust, a nice stroller that is easy for you to push. dvd player,

    Bathing: I bathtub is good

    Borrow/buy at cosignment or rummage sale - bouncer and swing if your baby loves it and you want a nicer one you can always buy one then

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