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    Jillian's brother has arrived!

    Four weeks early and in a bit of a hurry, our new son arrived!

    Sullivan Roger L. was born on May 20, 2011. His older sister Jillian Mary has been all smiles and great help with little Sully.

    Thanks to all of you Nameberries for your inspiration and help. At the last minute we went with a different middle name than we had planned (Theodore). The name Roger honors my mom's family whose surname is Rogers. My mom and grandmother we so pleased - and I love the fact that Sullivan's middle name will have such great meaning for him.

    Though sleep deprived and overwhelmed, my husband and I are enjoying every minute of this wonderful time. Aren't babies a blessing?

    Again, many thanks for your support. I have spent more time on this website than any other as I prepared for Sullivan's birth!

    Mom to Jillian Mary (4 years) and Sullivan Roger (2 months)

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    Re: Jillian's brother has arrived!

    Hi Polly, congrats on your new baby boy, Sullivan Roger. I'm glad to hear that everything went well and that Jillian Mary is quite taken with her little brother. All the best, Mischa.
    All the best,

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    Re: Jillian's brother has arrived!

    Congratulations and welcome to the world little Sullivan and lovely to have the family connection with his mn, it makes a lot of people extra happy.

    Psalm 23

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    Re: Jillian's brother has arrived!

    Sullivan/Sully is adorable! Love it, congrats.
    eve & rose ♡ ezra & nathan

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    Re: Jillian's brother has arrived!

    Congratulations! I love the name Sullivan too!

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