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    Sister for Lia and Briggs

    Planning ahead and would love your feedback! We have a little guy Briggs and are expecting a little girl that we have pretty much decided to name Lia. The only thing that has us hesitating? Baby #3. What name would we choose for them that works with Briggs and Lia?

    Baby #3 has already been decided if it's a boy:
    Briggs, Lia and Langdon (Lang)

    Little girl? Well, that's where we're struggling. Some considerations:
    Briggs, Lia and Abigail (Abby)
    Briggs, Lia and Adeline
    Briggs, Lia and Alice
    Briggs, Lia and Audrey
    Briggs, Lia and Becca
    Briggs, Lia and Caroline
    Briggs, Lia and Caitlin
    Briggs, Lia and Charlotte
    Briggs, Lia and Elisabeth (Elsie)
    Briggs, Lia and Madeleine (Love the flow of this, not too keen on nn Maddy...)
    Briggs, Lia and Natalie (Husband is Nathan/Nate. Too close? Otherwise this is my fave.)
    Briggs, Lia and Reese
    Briggs, Lia and Rosalie
    Briggs, Lia and Ruby
    Briggs, Lia and Sylvie

    Any of these stand out to you? Any other suggestions? If it makes it easier, what would you name Lia's sister?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Sister for Lia and Briggs

    Langdon's a great choice for a boy, it goes really well with Briggs and Lia! I think you defintiely need another sophisticated, strong sounding name for a girl.

    These would be my top 5 choices:

    Briggs, Lia and Abigail (Abby) - Abigail, although a popular choice, has a very strong, "independent girl" feel to it. I personally am not a fan of Abigail, I much prefer just Abbey, but I think it works really well here.

    Briggs, Lia and Caroline - Caroline is one of those names that's the epitome of "bold" to me I adore it, and I think it would be great in this set. I also like that Callie could be used as a softer nickname.

    Briggs, Lia and Madeleine - there is something quite lovely about this, that makes the whole sibset sound that bit softer. If you don't like the nickname Maddy, you could always use Mia, Mel, Minnie, Addie, Adele, Del, Elena, Lein, Lin, Lina, Elin, Dina etc. There are plenty of options!

    Briggs, Lia and Rosalie - Like Madeleine, Rosalie is strong but still makes the whole set seem sweet. "Briggs, Lia and Rose" rolls off the tongue well, and the names seem to go together.

    Briggs, Lia and Sylvie - Probably my favourite of the 5. Sylvie is gorgeous, unusual, bold and sweet. It is the perfect name to complete this set in my opinion!

    Some other suggestions:

    Briggs, Lia and Viola
    Briggs, Lia and Matilda "Tilly"
    Briggs, Lia and Olive
    Briggs, Lia and Ivy
    Briggs, Lia and Margaret "Mary"
    Briggs, Lia and Blair
    Briggs, Lia and Florence "Flora"
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    Re: Sister for Lia and Briggs

    Genevie, you highlighted our favorites from our list, and I love the reasoning you used behind each name. It's like you got into my head and explained it even better than I could. Seriously! Strong and sophisticated - I love that. Thank you so much for all your thoughts!

    Abigail/Abbey - I've never loooooved this name really either. But it does flow well with Briggs and Lia. I think ultimately I'd like a name with a similar feel to this, but not quite as popular. This is my husband's top choice.

    Caroline - Never considered Callie as a nickname. Cute! I love that it's such a strong, classic name that seems to command respect yet is still sweet somehow.

    Madeleine - This one really is my favorite. I think we would call her Del because it flows SO well with our last name. (If I had my choice. My husband may feel differently! Del's not as girly as Lia, so that's something we'd have to consider too, plus the "Deli" association. I can hear our conversation already about that...)

    Sylvie - I adore this name and loved your take on it! "Gorgeous, unusual, bold and sweet" is exactly what we're going for.

    I *really* like Olive and Blair from your suggestions. A friend just named her little girl Olive though, so that's out. But it's ADORABLE with Briggs and Lia!
    Proud mama of Evan Patrick, nicknamed Van, and Selah Bea

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